Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quick notes: University rankings, Tejas assembly...

  • How Could India’s IITs do so badly in a global ranking of Engineering schools? 

  • University Rankings: China leaps ahead of UK, Germany in global rankings

  • ONGC might have lost Rs 8,900 cr of gas to RIL:  RIL had deliberately drilled wells close to the block boundary. 

  • Ajai Shukla: A second Tejas assembly line: Given that the IAF has finally accepted the Tejas Mark 1A as a capable replacement for its 13 squadrons of MiG-21s and MiG-27s, it will need at least 250 Tejas fighters before the end of the decade, when the obsolescent MiGs must be retired. Furthermore, the IAF requires another 20 more Tejas Mark 1A for training. The navy, meanwhile, has declared it needs at least 56 Tejas Mark II (with more powerful engines) for its two indigenous aircraft carriers. That adds up to well above 300 Tejas fighters.

    It should be obvious to planners in the South Block that the Tejas cannot possibly be built in these numbers, in an acceptable time frame, without establishing another assembly line to double the efforts of HAL's current Tejas line in Bengaluru. This is the golden opportunity the defence ministry has been seeking for nurturing a private sector competitor to HAL.

  • Government-built toilets: 'They built 20 toilets. Not one is fit to be used now'

  • Kerala training youth to climb coconut trees: With Marxism on decline in the state, it is time to re-skill.

  • Diesel Scandal: VW To Focus On Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Tech

  • Digital Detox: 10 Tips for Disconnecting from Tech

  • Bhramari Pranayama:

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