Tuesday, October 13, 2015

US Considering Nuclear Deal With Pakistan

Besides re-embracing jihadis, the US may be flirting with further moral hazard, in considering doing a possible nuclear deal with Pakistan:




If the US tries to sucker-punch India while pretending to be a "strategic partner", then India had better keep its powder dry, and look at potential necessity to proliferate/traffic in sensitive technologies to advance its own strategic interests. After all, if Pakistan can proliferate and have it all whitewashed off, then likewise India similarly shouldn't regard US sanctions as a deterrent. We should likewise show a little AQ-Khan-ing of our own. Maturity doesn't mean we should be masochists or chumps.

EDIT: At a minimum, if the US gets Pakistan to agree to a cap on its nuke arsenal, then India should immediately pursue an arms build-up to super-saturate that capped level, so as to render the whole arrangement a net loss for Pakistan.

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