Thursday, October 08, 2015

Pope Angers Anti-Molestation Protesters By Calling Them 'Dumb'

Pope Francis has created an uproar in Chile, where he called protesters against a cleric charged with molestation "dumb":

This raises a conspicuous question of why the Pope is aggressively aligned with the Left and Leftist causes everywhere, except of course in countries where his own Catholic faith is the majority faith. It just looks a little unseemly, and a cynic might wonder whether his 'liberalism' might not be just a calculated political strategy.

When it comes to Leftists who are engaged in vociferously denouncing rival faiths/ethnicities, then the Pope has no qualms about wading in to side with Left-led causes. For instance, in his recent visit to the United States, the Pope pointedly went out of his way to condemn those in America who were not in favor of unending immigration.

If the broader Left are indeed serious about their own credibility, they might well ask further about such double standards, rather than ducking them out of political expediency.

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