Saturday, October 10, 2015

Quick notes: High-frequency-trading, Failed scholars...

  • Algorithmic trading: Hillary Clinton to propose tax on high-frequency trading. HFT gives rise to 'liquidity mirage'

  • Hindutva's failed scholars: This power equation was aggravated by the passivity of the Hindu Nationalists. As the only nationally organized Hindu force, they claim to be the vanguard of Hindu society. If so, they should not be proud of their achievements in this field, where Hinduism has only been losing ground. They have never invested in scholarship.

    The result can now be seen, when Modi’s govt would like to pack the universities with pro-Hindu vice-chancellors and other prominent professors, but fail to find qualified people. In 2009 I attended a pro-Hindu conference about the politics of history in Delhi, with the usual wailing about the reigning anti-Hindu bias. But there was no session about what Hindus themselves had done wrong in MM Joshi’s textbook reforms of ca. 2002, a horror show of incompetence.

  • Why beef is the new SUV: Eating beef has come to be seen, rightly, in certain enviro circles, as the new SUV -- a hopelessly selfish, American indulgence; a middle finger to the planet.

  • Che Guevara’s impressions of India: One can quite understand that the cow was a sacred animal for the ancient ones: it worked in the fields, gave milk, and even its excreta had the enormous importance of replacing natural fuel, which does not exist here; this explains why their religious precepts prohibited the farmer from killing this precious animal and, for that, the only way out was to consider it sacred; to have such a determining force as religion impose respect for the most efficient element of production which the community counted on.

  • After PoK, India turns focus on Balochistan:  “Balochistan is divided among three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. But the atrocities are taking place inside Pakistan which has conducted five military operations against the Baloch people and the last campaign that they began in 2004 has left 19,000 dead and many more displaced and missing. Pakistan also encourages the Taliban to torture the Baloch inside Afghanistan.”

  • Al-Bakistan:

  • "To call Khushwant Singh a Liberal, to continue to collect yearly in his honor, is to charge at liberal values with greased bayonets".

  • Oh, come on! India emerges top importer of used clothes

  • KKKangress Apartheid:

  • Manoj Bhargava: 5-hour Energy creator to roll out pedal-powered energy solution in India. He plans to begin the distribution of some 10,000 of these Free Electric bikes in India next year.

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