Wednesday, October 28, 2015

rajeev piece on how bihar elections are being targeted by cong, #deepstate by "all possible means"

The proverbial Martian who happened to show up in India would be startled by the pretzel logic of the mainstream media’s obsessions with various events. Memes appear, thrive, die; and some, surprisingly, persist for longer than they normally would. There doesn’t seem to be any logic behind it. Or, on second thoughts, is there?
Every meme, every MSM editorial today, I suggest, is oriented towards just one theme: Bihar elections. The “paid media has in essence drawn a line in the sand, a lakshmanarekha. That is, they will not, they must not, let the BJP carry the populous state. The reasons are not hard to fathom: if they lose Bihar, it becomes difficult for the Congress to thwart all NDA reform (eg”, GST) by obstructing it in the Rajya Sabha, as they have done so successfully so far.
Narendra Modi. PTI
Narendra Modi. PTI
There is deeper strategy behind the Congress’ cussedness: it is not only that they wish to deny PM Narendra Modi the means to deliver his development mantra, they wish to use this failure as the lever to rout him in 2019. No, they have not given up on the possibility of their roaring back to power in the next general election, and the western #deepstate allies of the Congress haven’t, either. For them, it is total war, as one its mouthpieces admitted. The Economist magazine says that “politicians reach for every available weapon” (‘The battle for Bihar’,  17 October).

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