Wednesday, October 07, 2015

rajeev column wonders if all these startups are actually necessary

maybe there are too many startups that are wasting everybody's time and money? i think there should be fairly stringent conditions imposed on them before they get incubated or funded.

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san said...

I think the market ought to decide, rather than another self-appointed License Raj, because the market has a better track record of wisdom. Investors are interested in ROI, and that's a reasonable and reliable motivation.

Sujeev said...

I think a better way for the Indian government to help Indian youth achieve success is by assisting (at least some of) them migrate, or after they migrate, to other countries.

For the past several decades Indian youth has been migrating out of India. Some, like us, have used the F-1/H-1/PR route, but there are plenty of others who use anything & everything, but a valid visa, to migrate out of India.

This latter, less educated, group is usually exploited by Indians with valid status in other countries. Still, a lot of these visaless entrants eventually achieve acceptance & success in the countries they migrate to. Such migrants also tend to hold on to their roots, and their jati identity more strongly than their better educated peers.

I think the Indian government should formulate a policy to assist these less educated migrants in the countries they migrate to so that their chances of success improve dramatically.

That would benefit all - the migrant, the host country, and most of all, India.

And would be part of overall policy to provide employment opportunities to all Indians who come of age.

At present, I think the Indian establishment considers these visaless entrants an embarrassment. That attitude should change.

san said...

Well, then what's the benefit to India in assisting its own brain drain? Other countries try to attract the best and brightest from around the world, because having such people in their midst then creates more prosperity and opportunities. If India focuses on getting smart people to leave, then who's going to be left in the country?

Might be better to encourage certain communities in riot-prone areas to emigrate, in order to reduce communal tensions and promote more harmony.