Thursday, October 22, 2015

#SikhLivesMatter, Surge in Khalistan Aggression

There is an ominous increasing trend of aggression from Khalistani activists in recent times:

Along with this has come incidents like some Sikhs protesting alleged burning of Sikh holy books:

To me, this is reminiscent of the frequent Pakistani game of accusing someone of burning the Koran, as a thinly-veiled pretext to incite mob violence against them. Khalistanis are increasingly resorting to more and more aggressive activism, looking for opportunities to stoke up outrage. There is no precedent of any Hindus disrespecting holy texts like Guru Granth Sahib - but that won't stop the Khalistan brigade from raising the cry of "Sikhism in danger" in the same style of Islamists. After all, it was Pakistan which helped to set Punjab on fire in the first place, in order to use it to set Kashmir on fire. The ISI may now be working overtime to make history repeat itself.

India needs to be vigilant against anyone trying to create another Bluestar situation, or similar prtext for outrage.


non-carborundum said...
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non-carborundum said...

This has been coming for a long time and has been fuelled by Sikh diaspora from Canada. The government is probably still not taking this threat seriously enough.

san said...

That diaspora can't be doing all this by itself - I'm inclined to believe they're getting help - from Pakistan. As the Romans say, "Who Profits?"

These latest moves like "Koran-burning" style protests from Sikhs seem like clever tactics to create agitation and unrest, which can be cultivated into greater and greater confrontations.

non-carborundum said...


You have made such an insinuation before. I am sorry, but Sikh aggression against Hindus pretty much drives itself. Please do a sample survey of Sikh websites and discern for yourself. A series of articles by Sanjeev Nayyar puts things in perspective. Here is one:

Enough is enough. It is time Hindus stopped reaching out to groups of Sikhs who harbour such ill feelings towards all things Hindu and instead treat them as what they are - aggressors.