Friday, October 30, 2015

Moody's Faraz Syed Warns Modi Over "Minorities"

A report Moody's rating service has apparently issued a warning to the BJP govt of Narendra Modi over the "belligerent provocation" against "minorities" by some loose elements:

Yes, I agree that the Dadri lynching was a very bad thing, but if a Moody's report is to be then issuing its own characterizations of who is to blame, etc is then begging the question as to whether the report's author Sydney-based economist Faraz Syed, might not be inserting his own ethnic views into a report that is being palmed off as Moody's views.


Unknown said...

PTI seems to have been punked. Look at the report and it does not mention any politics. PTI is not carrying this story on its webpage.

karyakarta92 said...

Faraz Syed of Moody's is Son-in-law of the "eminent" Nehruvian Stalinist "historian" (sic)
Irfan Habib