Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hindu-Sikh Divide Cemented by California Gurudwaras

How long will Hindus continue to ignore the ugly truth? At the very least let us not pander to those who rabidly hate us.

  • The Freemont and San Jose gurudwaras display photos of Bhindrawale prominently.
  • Freemont has pictures of Martyrs on wall of the entire langar hall. At entrance a banner showed 29th April 1986 as ‘Khalistan Liberation Day’. A sign said gurudwara’Dedicated in the memory of the Martyrs of Khalistan’.
  • When Sikhism was spoken about, there was no reference to its origin and close association with Sanatana Dharma. That is when I remembered Khushwant Singh’s writings, “The Adi Granth echoes the Vedanta through most of its nearly 6,000 hymns. There is a new breed of Sikh scholars who bend backwards to prove Sikhism has taken little or nothing from Hinduism. All they need to be told is that of the 15,028 names of God that appear in the Adi Granth, Hari occurs over 8,000 times, Ram 2,533 times.” 


san said...

In the post-9/11 era, Sikhs have increasingly identified with Muslims, feeling lumped in with Taliban due to head-dress. Ironically, Pakistan's military/ISI deliberately created Taliban in a superficial mold of Sikhs by including the turban as a head-dress for them, because Pakistan's Punjabi-dominated military/ISI perceived Sikhs as having been the only military force in history to have successfully marched on Kabul from the south. Thus, Sikhs living in the West have born the brunt of local backlash against 9-11 and the Afghan conflict, in no small part due to the machination Pakistan - and yet ironically this has indirectly resulted in many Sikhs then developing sympathy for Islamists, perceiving them as fellow "victims of discrimination" at the hands of Westerners. This may be an unintended benefit Pakistan has reaped for itself, but it's nonetheless an example of the consequences of triangularization of a conflict by dragging another group into the fray.

non-carborundum said...


Yours is a bizarre explanation. I too want to believe something else but the truth repeatedly hits you in the face.