Saturday, March 02, 2013

Kerala court: No basis to reinvestigate secular rape

Of course, there is no basis to investigate any possible crime, howsoever grave the accusation.

Just read the names of:
1) the accused,
2) the official responsible for prosecution
3) the journalist reporting the story
4) the TV channel reporting

They are all innocent, by definition - merely by virtue of their "secularism".

Any educated guesses regarding the honourable judge's name?

It is only in sensational cases such as the Best Bakery/ Zahira Shaikh/ Bilkis Bano "rape" where the accused are "communal" that the judiciary chooses to order trials to be shifted out of Gujarat, "in the interest of justice". The Congress Bureau of Intimidation (CBI) also gets injected into the proceedings to do a hatchet job on the "right wing communalists"
and becomes an inadvertent (hopefully) accomplice of professional perjurers such as
Teesta Setalvad, Javed Anand et al.

Any bets that the powers that be will order this trial shifted out of Kerala - and into say, Karnataka - in the interests of serving justice?

How come the usual suspects -
Susan "Arundhati" Roy, Cedric Prakash, John Dayal, Ambika Soni, Margaret Alva, et al are
conspicuously silent in this case? Are there no human rights in Kerala? Or are they
reserved for people with certain names?

Suryanelli rape case: No basis to reinvestigate PJ Kurien, says Kerala court
Reported by Sneha Mary Koshy

Idukki, Kerala: A plea by a woman abducted and raped by 42 men in 1996 that Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson
PJ Kurien was one of her assaulters and should be made an accused was rejected by a Kerala court today.

Mr Kurien, a Congress politician, was exonerated by the Supreme Court in 2007 in the Suryanelli case, which gets its name from the place in Kerala the woman belongs to. She filed the petition against him last month.

The court said today that in light of state Director General of Prosecution T Asif Ali's report, there was no basis for a reinvestigation against Mr Kurien.

The woman, who was 16 when abused, is likely to challenge the verdict in the Kerala High Court. She had last month also approached the police to file a case against Mr Kurien but it was turned down.

In 2005, the Kerala High Court tried 35 men in the case and convicted only one - a lawyer named Dharmarajan. This January, the Supreme Court set aside the verdict and ordered a re-trial within six months.

Since then, there has been a clamour by the opposition in Congress-ruled Kerala and at the Centre for Mr Kurien's resignation. The 72-year-old leader has refused to step down, saying he was cleared by the Supreme Court. The union government has also defended Mr Kurien, telling Parliament that three separate police investigations had cleared him.


nizhal yoddha said...

the victim girl is also secular. which is why the case has got the attention of the communists. if she were 'communal' nobody would bother.

Uddharet said...

In the Suryanelli case, the Supreme Court Bench that gave a clean chit to Kurien consisted of CJ KG BALAKRISHNAN, and Justices R V Raveendran and V S Sirpurkar. Wikipedia says,
“He [KG BALAKRISHNAN] is also suspected to have collected a large amount of ransom in acquitting Suryanelli rape case suspect P. J. Kurien (Congress leader)”