Friday, March 15, 2013

arvind kumar massacres loomba et al re wharton fiasco

loomba reminds me of lumumba, of patrice lumumba fame. and speaking of names, what does 'ania' mean? 'anya' is 'stranger'; so is this woman doing truth in advertising by admitting she is strange a priori?

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Jatin said...

"Anya" means "others" or "rest of" in Hindi and Gujarati.

Also, there is a mention of being "political and hindu" in the article linked. It's a risky proposition in India, as rightly highlighted in the article. In the same vein, this reminds me of being "spiritual and hindu" in India - in connection with your post on S S Ravishankar. Now, *that* should not be a risky proposition for spiritual gurus who are hindus.