Wednesday, March 13, 2013

50 kids rescued from missionary in Jaipur

Sincere wishes that the children may have a happy life ahead of them. This is their second chance - having been liberated from the clutches of a hateful missionary bigot and saved from a lifetime of abuse, indoctrination and misery.

This phenomenon is possibly the greatest tragedy of India today. The Stalinist governments manufacture conditions of abject poverty, hunger, debt and misery among the rural poor - increasing their vulnerability to predatory missionary hyenas. There are hundreds of thousands of
Christist missionaries taking away India's youth from their poor parents - with the promise of an education, career etc, brainwashing them and creating
new and more bigoted enemies
for the nation and its native civilization.

When apprehended, these criminals must get the most stringent punishment allowed by the law.

Nearly 50 children, who were kept in two illegal children's homes in Jaipur for months with little food amid pathetic living conditions, have been rescued by a team of Rajasthan Commission for Protection of Child Rights, police said on Wednesday.

On a tip off from Delhi the team led by the Commission Chairperson Deepak Kalra raided a home in Mansarover area on Tuesday night where 27 girls and two boys, aged between five and 17, were found. They were lodged in an illegal children's home run by one Jacob John.

Another such child home was also raided and 20 boys were rescued in Jawahar Nagar locality, they said. The children were brought in Jaipur on the pretext of providing them education were never sent to school and not allowed to go out of the home.

Jacob has been arrested for illegal confinement of kids and he is being quizzed, they said.

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witan said...


The headline of the original rediff story is, “Jaipur: 50 kids rescued from illegal children's homes”. I did not bother to read the story when I first saw it on rediff.
I thank you for giving the correct title. I have now read the rediff story.