Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time magazine cover: circa April, 1946

Responses to a recent blog posting brought back memories
of this archived image.

The cover of the April 22, 1946 issue of Time magazine pictured a grim-looking Mohammed Ali Jinnah and carried the caption,
"His Muslim tigers want to eat the Hindu cow".

Has anything changed 67 years
later in the nature of interaction between the two nations? Have
time, democracy and the alleged "independence" altered the fundamental intent of the alien creed regarding the native civilization of India?
More significantly, has the metaphorical Hindu cow learned any new skills of survival with respect to the predatory beasts that are sharpening their claws in anticipation?

In addition to disseminating scriptural wisdom, preserving religious traditions and undertaking charitable works for the uplift of the destitute sections of Hindu society -
Isn't it the duty of the Dharma Gurus, the Yogis etc to inculcate
the instinct of self preservation in the docile modern day Hindus?

The Madhwacharya and the Sankaracharyas instilled such nationalism in the warriors who established the Vijayanagara kingdow that arrested the Jihadi onslaught in the Deccan.

Samartha Ramdas trained and inspired Chattrapati Shivaji, the Lion of Maharashtra - who brought the mighty Mughals to their knees.

The supreme sacrifices made by the Sikh Gurus for defending Hindu Dharma inspired thousands of warriors - such as
Banda Singh Bairagi and Maharaja Ranjit Singh - who ultimately broke the back of the Mughal imperialists.

Contemporary Dharma Gurus who have the stature, the wisdom and the mass following - need to emulate their predecessors in guiding the Hindu nation, instilling a civilizational instinct of self defense.


Jatin said...

No need to go as far back as Sankaracharya or Samarth Ramdas - Swami Vivekanand is right round the corner few blocks behind; except that Mohandas came along and led us to different path.

snk said...

ah... the typical Hindu Cow.
expecting others to do it :)

souixsie said...

@snk, true! Funny how the the Hindu action exemplified in its great mythologies like the Ramayana, Mahabharatha, and the Gita, became the inaction espoused by Jainism and Budhdism, both of which would have been wiped out in India were it not for Hindu dharmic resistance to forces of adharma. Got to largely thank the misguided and misinformed mahatma for this, in my opinion.