Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: abolish capital punishment

I'm sure I'm going to draw flak for this.
But, sorry - I beg to differ with this prescription for unlimited "Ahinsa" by any Dhimmi guru,
especially those that describe themselves as merely "spiritual"
and are scared to identify themselves explicitly as Hindu.

The political class is not alone in
culpability for reducing India to a soft state. Unfortunately, such
godmen, yoga teachers etc do a lot of damage to the national resolve. They are equally culpable by their failure to use their stature to instill the right values of Dharma and Kshatriya spirit in the people.

Swami Vivekananda would surely disagree with and disapprove of such prescriptions
that inculcate docility.



Jatin said...

I totally agree - what the hell is a "spiritual" Guru - it's a very restricted function for a Guru to be just "spiritual". Growing copious amount of facial hair cannot compensate for what is lacking.

Had there been no Mohandas Gandhi, India would have called Swami Vivekanand as the father of the nation - and the India would have taken a completely different course.

VidrohiArya said...

Agree 200%

VidrohiArya said...

Agree 200%

Guruprasad said...

Sri Sri Ravishankar is a phoney spiritual guru involved in lot of underhand dealings in drug exports to europe. He was also accused in a state govt enquiry of land encroachment. But the case was hushed up due to his contacts in the government.

non-carborundum said...

And once again Ambrose Bierce can be quoted here:

"The Death Penalty", http://www.readbookonline.net/readOnLine/17299/

"...he who denies its [capital punishment's] absolute justice must deny also the justice of a bushel of corn for a bushel of corn, a dollar for a dollar, service for service. We can not undertake by such clumsy means as laws and courts to do to the criminal exactly what he has done to his victim, but to demand a life for a life is simple, practicable, expedient and (therefore) right."

nizhal yoddha said...

i strongly disagree with these sentiments. i like sri sri and have been to the ashram a couple of times, and i am impressed by what they are accomplishing. there is a tendency to denigrate any hindu guru, and it is part of a conspiracy by the communists and the christists to eradicate hindu traditions. they plant allegations in the media which then influence many hindus; if the lies are outed, then the media goes silent -- eg. allegations about the sai baba.

i am permitting these comments as a courtesy to my fellow-bloggers and also in the spirit of free exchange.

however, i am reaching the end of my tether, and i feel some of these comments are defamatory. i may, if i feel aggrieved, delete any and all such comments that i feel are crossing the line beyond reason -- and since it is my blog, that line is defined by me.

Krishnan said...

Nizhal Yoddha,
Whether we like to accept it or not, there are a number of 'spiritual gurus' who are ashamed of identifying themselves as Hindus explicitly.

Sri Sri Ravishankar is not the only person in question here. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who has a temple dedicated to Shiva and Lingha Bhairavi, misses no opportunity to declare that Isha Foundation is not affiliated with a particular religion.

Mind you, I'm not criticizing their yoga projects or charity work, which is exemplary. My only question is - why do they find it hard to even mention that they are Hindus and what they're teaching is basically the essence of Hinduism? All the while the propagandists of Abrahamic faiths proudly declare 'This is my religion and I'm bloody proud of it'.

asif raja said...

Just wondering what could be the motive for writing this article.....it really makes me laugh....ignorance at highest level....just one request from my side please please once go through the ART OF LIVING course...after than write...whatever u may write.......hahahahaha

Harish said...

Couldnt agree more about denigrating Hindu gurus that is rampant in India these days thanks to the Christian lumpens who run all of the media houses and control the indian mind..

I am no fan of Sri Sri, but I am against abusing Hindu gurus in public..

Indians have such short memory and forget that all the manufactured 'scandals' that the media and political junta cook up against Hindu gurus and leaders is blatantly false bunch of lies.. We abuse Hinduism and Hindu gurus at our own peril...
Well bravery and non-dhimmitude starts from oneself and standing up for Hinduism outside of mouse clicking activism..

witan said...

In support of karyakarta92, may I add that our ancient guru, Adi Shankaracharya, was NOT an advocate of the so-called "ahimsa". Let us not forget that in His time He created a Hindu army in the form of Naga Sadhus.

Harish said...

In my opinion this is not about ahimsa or himsa.. nor is it about Sri Sri..it is the general attitude amongst Indian's elite (the english medium educated) to denigrate Hindu gurus at the drop of a hat.. Dare i say that they are so intellectually lazy to look beyond the tabloid headlines that they are willing to denounce gurus left right and centre.. Lets be very clear.. even if there is a Swami Vivekananda and Adi Shankara amongst us in 21st century i can bet that none of us here would be able to idenitfy him/her amongst us.. we are so filled with poison and hate against our culture and traditional figures..So quoting Adi Shankara or Vivekananda out of conttext does not help anybody here.. Let us look inside oursleves and banish this self defeating hate that we carry against our Gurus...We have every right to disagree with some of their views, but to disparage them in public based on some random hearsay is really wrong and self defeating..

Tp Radhakrishnan said...

Tainted and motivated criticism of a harmless and decent spiritual Guru, espousing Indian values and Dharma seems to be reckless. Millions of friends throughout the world are followers of his wisdom, Kriya and his efforts to achieve universal peace. Accusing him of involved in drug traffic is an unpardonable sin. Though I have not moved with him closely, I have met him many times, listened to his lectures, done his teachings on Kriya or Yoga exercises; never asks for money but depends purely on voluntary donations. I know his background; he hails from a small town in Tamilnadu, India, had his post-graduate education in a college in Tiruchy; had his spiritual training with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and later, had a spiritual awakening to start the Art of Living Foundation. To make wild allegations against him and to try to malign his name and spiritual work is a shame.

Jatin said...

While I understand all the good work done by the spiritual gurus, including S S Ravishankar, and I have nothing against them. They are all good. But I agree with Karyakarta that these gurus call themselves "spiritual gurus" while in fact they have somehow failed to communicate that they are spreading hindu values, and that they are practicing and teaching hindu value system. The only reason that I can think of is that they do not want to come across as "hindu" - for the reason that doesn't need further elaboration. Why can't they unambiguously call themselves hindus and still do what they are doing? Otherwise they all are like Vinod Chopras with a bit of higher level of enlightenment attained.

non-carborundum said...

Harish, while I agree that no good comes from denigrating Hindu Gurus, the tendency to overemphasize Ahimsa, while not espousing enough the need to fight unprovoked violence with redoubled violence has to be strongly criticized.

Ahimsa may be a virtue, no doubt, but these are not the times to promote it in the ones who suffer Himsa. Groups that follow such prescriptions will ensure their own extinction.

Hindu leaders who command such wide following and respect have a responsibility to measure their words carefully, no matter how good their intentions.

karyakarta92 said...

I second what Non Carborundum stated above. This was the emphasis of my post also. I do not agree with the Indian media denigrating Hindu Gurus - they're prompted by their Abrahamic masters. I also do not agree with unsubstantiated allegations about "drug trade", "land encroachment" etc. After all these are routine for the Christist conversion mafia. Also, not all Gurus are Dhimmis.
I'm aware of several that are not Dhimmis. Even Yoga teachers, Dharma gurus etc also have their own value in preserving religious traditions and disseminating knowledge.
Howeve, I reiterate that such individuals can cause damage to the Dharmic traditions - when they stray from their area of specialization - and advocate unlimited "Ahimsa", thereby inculcating a sterile, impotent distortion of Sanatana Dharma - this is like Buddhism which held sway in the areas of ancient India that folded rapidly and without resistance to the medieval Islamic onslaught. If you can only teach Pranayama, please do so. If you can only conduct discourses and Pravachans and rituals, please do so. But, kindly refrain from perpetuating Mohandas Ghandi's perverted strain of "Ahimsa". We need more Gurus who teach about the warrior traditions of Shri Krishna, Shri Rama, MahaKali Durga, Mahadev Shiva - and inculcate the warrior spirit
and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and Chanakya Neeti among docile cattle like Hindus - who are confronted with an existential threat emanating from the
ferociously predatory binary death cults. We do not need any 21st century incarnations of Mohandas to pervert
thie popular thinking further with their filthy prescriptions of "Raghupati Raghav ..... Ishwar Allah Tero Naam".

karyakarta92 said...

This is the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism,
Swatantra Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Ghandy,
Swami Vivekananda and SSS Ravi Shankar, a docile cow and a Tiger. As much as I love and adore the cow, I would not like to be like it and get devoured by
predatory Abrahamic wolves and hyenas.
I'm constantly reminded of a Time magazine cover artwork
from the partition era - depicting an Islamic tiger devouring a helpless cow. Please google for that image.
I'll post it if I find it. Retain that image in your consciousness and endeavor to prevent a recurrence of that theme.

Harish said...

Like I said before I am no big fan of Sri Sri or some of the messages he espouses and I do like many of the posts that karyakarta92 here posts on this blog.. but that is besides the point..

We as a country are fast losing respect for the traditional figures that have preserved and protected this dharma for few millenia. If Savarkar or a Swami Vivekananda was alive amidst us, he would be branded a rabid Hindutvadi and most of us here would not even touch him with a barge pole since he would be deemed communal.. If there was an Adi Shankara amidst us, we can be pretty sure that there would be some manufactured media scandal involving some women/men and the DHIMMI hindus (including many of us who coment and read this blog), will run the other way.. Do we have it in us to defend our Gurus and Leaders.. We dont....

Many of our hindu leaders mirror the society that we come from.. We cannot escape blame for our own dhimminess which we see in our leaders as well..

As a nation we love self flagellation, dont have any iota of self respect and dont respect ourselves..
So why blame Sri Sri or anybody alone..
Now how many of us here are willing to support Hindu leaders to the teeth, come what may..
let us be very clear, most of us here are just mouse clicking activists who will not come out of the safe confines of our laptops and desktops.. To hell with Hinduism or India..

The leaders that we have spiritual, political or otherwise are exactly what we deserve.. Unless we change ourselves our leaders wont change..

Inferno said...

Getting angry is not courage. Nor is getting violent. Taking up some divisive issue or other is not heroism. Talking rhetorically is not an indication of valor.
Before acquiring the Kshatriya spirit, one needs to master his ego. Otherwise, he is a threat to the very society that he seeks to defend.
Today, we have 'Vivekananda Quoters' who want to expunge every reference to ahimsa and universality from Hindu texts. If you take the trouble to go beyond undigested quotations, you will realize that the blessed Swami himself preached ahimsa and universality in no unclear terms.