Monday, March 18, 2013

Gangrape accused to "represent India" at papal inauguration!

Quite appropriate too - given the occasion, the individuals and the
global organisation concerned.

After violating Indian sovereignty
with impunity by blatant contempt of the Indian judicial system (not that GOI or the Supreme court covered themselves with glory by facilitating the escape of the murderous pirates) - in the curious case of the Italian marines - this should be seen as a deliberate assertion of power by the Vatican intended to show the uppity Indians (Hindus) their place and demonstrate that - with the support of the global church, criminals can not only get away with murder, rape and more - but, indeed will be celebrated, lionized and accorded a hero's welcome.

The natives of India are as helpless today as when Francis Xavier brought the genocidal inquisition to Goa or when the Portuguese demolished the Mylapore Shiva temple to build the "Santhome Cathedral" and concocted wicked stories about
"Brahmins murdering the alleged St. Thomas".

Is this not an issue worth protesting for the various advocates of Women's rights?

An Indian delegation led by Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P J Kurien on Monday left for the Vatican from Delhi to take part in the installation of Pope Francis as the 266th Pontiff of the Catholic church.

According to Kurien's office in his hometown Pathanamthitta, the delegation include his wife Susan Kurien, and MPs Anto Antony of the Congress) and Jose K Mani of the Kerala Congress-M.

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