Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GOI should take cognizance of enemy action by Italy

Once the Italian ambassador gave his undertaking to the Supreme Court of India to bring back the murderous undertrial marines, "diplomatic immunity" became inapplicable.

By wilfully reneging on the commitment made on paper -
he stands guilty of contempt of court. Therefore, the ambassador should be arrested
and thrown into Tihar Jail.

Actually, I'd like to see the fellow
being picked up by RAW agents at midnight and slapped around a few times prior to his arrest.

What can a bankrupt PIIGS country like Italy, realistically do in retaliation? Would they dare contemplate bombing India?

There are several precedents of
western nations ignoring diplomatic considerations with regard to Indian diplomats - America's TSA detaining a Sari clad Indian consul general for interrogation, detaining at the airport & ordering the Indian representative to the U.N to remove his turban, allegedly "strip searching" the then Defense minister George Fernandes and questioning the former President Kalam - all singled out for special treatment,
merely due to their physical appearance - without even a remote involvement in any criminal wrongdoing - unlike the Italian diplomat.


witan said...

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witan said...

Two Italian goons murdered Indians in cold blood. Now, the Italian ambassador has become an "accessory after the fact". There is no diplomatic immunity for such criminals. Further, Italy has revealed itself to be a Rogue Nation.
Govt of India must take note of these facts and proceed accordingly. If govt of India does not do so, we might just as well beg the Britishers to come back and rule us.