Monday, March 11, 2013

what i said about PIIGS and italians at the time of the killing: congress will kowtow

it is in the nature of the congress to be dazzled by white skins. nehru set the tone with edwina (an angular and horse-faced woman, no great beauty).

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non-carborundum said...

From Firstpost itself, the marines could have voted from within India. There was no need to leave for Italy.

Jatin said...

It's a shame. Has this nation lost all its self-respect and self-esteem that it naively submits to such insults by another nation on routine basis? Indeed, this has proven in the eyes of others that we are a nation of morons - becasue the leader of the nation is a prime moron. But then Italy must have taken a few leaves out of the way our neighbor nations treat us, right?

I think the powers in Italy must have threatened the god mother in Delhi with releasing some "family" secrets - who in turn must have directed the shikhandi moron to take care of this situation in moronic way.