Saturday, March 02, 2013

Congress Wooing Nitish?

Despite their bravado, the UPA brass know they're going down in the next elections, and hence they may be making backup plans by wooing Nitish Kumar. Will they try to make him their mascot to lead the next coalition govt?

It may be better for BJP to pull the rug out from under Nitish sooner rather than later, since his loyalties seem to be questionable these days.


Jatin said...

He will leave NDA once Modi is at the help of 2014 election management for BJP - Modi will see to that. NoShit Kumar is slowly digging his own grave of late - he will lose Bihar in the process.

Inferno said...

BJP will need more than ‘Modi nama’ to win in 2014

san said...

I'm increasingly of the opinion that not all Indians are worth rescuing.

For those who are inclined to vote against Modi - I say Let Them Rot

In other words, we don't need to win all the votes, or even most of the votes - just enough votes to partition the country into good Indians and bad Indians

I'm fine with that - I'm not going to beg for support for someone who isn't ethical enough to stand up for ethics and decency.