Monday, March 11, 2013

killer italian marines aren't coming back. quelle surprise! quel foreign policy! wah, wah!

the *only* reason they were detained was because the congress desperately wanted to win a bye-election at the time (they had a razor thin majority of 1 seat in the kerala assembly).

then the fact that they were held in kerala was most distressing to certain people, including the church, which lobbied strongly. i mean, how could a white guy be held in native custody, even though it wasn't jail but some guest house, and they were offered italian food, etc?

then the next stage was to allow them to go to italy for christmas or something. 

when they came back, they were moved to delhi from kerala. which was a clear indication of hanky panky in the works.

and then they were sent to italy 'to vote'. yeah, right. 

the italian ferrari team when they came to india for F1 racing flew not the italian flag, but the flag of the italian navy.

every time there was a provocation, indians ignored it. so now they're saying 'up yours' to india. 

so there's several PIIGS saying boo to india. not to mention nepal, bangladesh, maldives, pakistan, bangladesh. such amazing foreign policy. 

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