Friday, August 31, 2007

Protest against the Malaysian Government ....please circulate

aug 31st, 2007

malaysia has now become one of the chief persecutors of hindus.

malaysia, as it becomes richer, is getting to be more and more influenced by saudi arabian wah'abism and salafism, both intensely hateful of all others.

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From: Yashwini1

Following the earlier annoncement from Hindu Human
Rights Group regarding a protest being held outside
the Malaysian High Commission, all're requested
to support on 31st August,2007 at Belgrave Sq,London
SW1, from 1.30 pm onwards.

Leaders of the well known Hindu organisations of the
United Kingdom are also requested to attend and lend
their support. This will very much be appreciated
by all Hindus in this country. Regards to all

From: Hindu Human Rights <>

Press Release 13/8/07 :
Protest against the Malaysian Government

Hindu Human Rights is concerned about the ongoing
abuses against Hindus and the denial of full civil and
human rights to the Hindu citizens in Malaysia.
Malaysia is hailed as one of South-East Asia 's
economic tigers but behind this glossy veneer lies a
sinister and less well known Malaysia, the Malaysia of
intolerance, racism and Talibanisation. Already
subject to heavy discrimination in employment, study
and general walks of life, Hindus have begun to suffer
in more specific ways. Hindu temples are destroyed and
desecrated regularly with the full backing of the
government. Hindus are denied the right to follow
their own faith, even in death, denied the right to a
decent Hindu funeral. Forced into the economic and
social margins, Hindus have become the prime victims
of the religious and racial hatred which few
commentators and Human Rights organisations even
bother reporting on.

Therefore, on 31 August 2007 , fiftieth anniversary of
the independence of Malayasia, HHR will raise our
concerns with a protest to draw attention to the
plight of Hindus, as well as other minority groups who
are being victimised.

Join us and let your voice be heard at 1.30 p.m
opposite the Malaysian High Commission, 45-46 Belgrave
Square, London SW1X 8QT (nearest Tube stations: Hyde
Park Corner and Victoria).
Serving Hindus Worldwide

79 Hindu Temples in Malaysia Being Demolished

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witan said...

other topic
UK Military scientists tested mustard gas on Indians
“· Hundreds of soldiers used in experiments
“· Illnesses caused by carcinogen not tracked

“Rob Evans
“Saturday September 1, 2007
“The Guardian

“British military scientists sent hundreds of Indian soldiers into gas chambers and exposed them to mustard gas, documents uncovered by the Guardian have revealed.

“The Guardian understands that the British military did not check up on the Indian soldiers after the experiments to see if they developed any illnesses. It is now recognised that mustard gas can cause cancer and other diseases.

“Many suffered severe burns on their skin, including their genitals, leaving them in pain for days and even weeks. Some had to be treated in hospital.....”

karyakarta92 said...

What a shame that those Tamil "Tigers", the LTTE cannot or will not lift a little finger in solidarity with their oppressed, mostly Tamil Hindu brethren in Malaysia. Since it is mere Hindu life and liberty at stake, the Malay Taliban have a free run without fear of any deterrent action on anybody's part.