Monday, January 04, 2016

Quick notes: Drug cartel, Border patrol...

  • What is good for smugglers is good for terrorists: “Smugglers on both sides of the border may be using local support for their activities. The same may have been used by the terrorists”.

  • Drug cartel in Punjab: Besides thermal imaging cameras, hi-definition fitted drones are also used to guard the border against possible infiltration attempts along the riverine patches where heavy undergrowth blurs the normal view.  The infiltration also raises a serious question mark if the security agencies are turning a blind eye on the use of the route that is used by Punjab's strong drug cartel.

  • Questions About Pathankot: Why are the security forces unable to effectively seal the border? True, the terrain is a problem, but surely by now, enough technological solutions like motion sensors, thermal imagers and low light TV are available to deal with the problem.

  • Out of the box diplomacy:

  • Stop looking for outside help:

  • Wake up:

  • Hate Crime: Elderly Sikh stabbed to death in U.S.

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