Saturday, January 02, 2016

Fwd: Why Liberals Shouting 'Intolerance' Owe An Apology To The Nation

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From: S G Naravane

It is a despicable and devious modus operandi that defies all canons of morality and fair play; a crafty Machiavellian machination that yields exceptional dividends, albeit ill-gotten ones.
This is how you execute this deceptive strategy: Pick up an isolated instance or even an accidental one, embellish it with sensational and shocking artefacts using an artist's creativity to give it a diabolical hue, magnify it beyond recognition, make it the pivot of a broader non-existent and sinister conspiracy, impute abominable motives to it that are sure to raise the hackles of right minded human beings and then broadcast it as a fait accompli to the world at large and the Western media in particular to malign one's ideological adversaries and extract political mileage.
Pause. This is only phase one of this game plan.
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