Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quick notes: China model, Gut bacteria pills...


non-carborundum said...

Ok Pagan

I have seen a series of your posts now and you seem to be advocating a number of technocratic nanny state initiatives. You may need to check if you're a closet commie :)

Odd Even Plan was a farce. It is yet to be established whether it significantly reduced pollution or even traffic but even if it did, it caused untold misery and loss of productivity - something that the press did not cover, because they are either too stupid or too crooked to cover anything but the roads from which the miserables had been subtracted.

Learn what from Singapore? Banning things like chewing gum because citizens cannot be trusted to dispose of it cleanly?

Pagan said...

OK, NC, watch me as I double-down in my next post :)

Unrelated to this, I want your take on this:

"Start-up India is welfare scheme for the well-off"

Do comment. BTW, I am not a "pure conservative".

non-carborundum said...

It's just a trend in your recent posts that I pointed out.

I like the Start Up initiative, although it would have been better if the govt had just created a scheme to make running small businesses easier, whether old or new. If indeed there is a huge discretionary component dependent on decisions from bureaucrats, then the scheme is doomed.

Some good points in my limited understanding are self declarations instead of scrutiny and inspections, credit guarantee, tax exemptions etc. The outcome, good or bad is hard to predict.

Pagan said...

Thank you. This is not my strong area, so wanted someone to decode it for me.

Going back to Odd-Even: Apart from being a Green and a Sunita Narain follower, the reason I am passionate about urban traffic and pollution is this: It is the single biggest factor that scares majority of returning Indians. Many more NRIs will be willing to return if we come up with India-specific solutions to our traffic and pollution nightmares.