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Fwd: Will india make it – 2016? From jugaad to innovation

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Will india make it – 2016? From jugaad to innovation
The start-ups, the unicorns … the result of a transforming India as well as what will transform India
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The start-ups, the unicorns … the result of a transforming India as well as what will transform India

As the year ends, and begins, rather than the macros which are both good and bad, focus on a more fundamental change which is both the result of a changing India and will also transform India as never before.
Over the years, many top MNCs have set up R&D centres in India, doing cutting edge work. GE comes to mind immediately with its 4,500 people in Bangalore and the work being done to re-engineer medical equipment and lower costs to 30-40%; there is the work on machine-to-machine feedback which allows a 'digital twin'—on a computer—to mimic, and simulate, what's happening on the real-life machine so as to know the best time to schedule maintenance, there's the 'brilliant factory' in Pune which incorporates this…
IBM and Accenture have large work forces in India and, as compared to 10,000 people in its Bay Area headquarters, Google has 1,500 people here already. On his first visit to India as its new chief, Sundar Pichai—who announced a plan to train 2 million Android developers over the next 3 years in India—talked of how innovation was coming of age now that there was a big market in India; it has already surpassed the US in terms of the number of internet users and, in 2016, will beat it in Android handset sales.
Market + innovation, that's the feedback loop you are going to hear of continuously over the next few years. With a huge market opened up, thanks to 400 million Indians being on the internet—and  800 million more yet to come on!—as Pichai pointed out, there is finally a market to spur innovation.
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SS said...

Innovation, where? Where is the Indian equivalent of Google (or Baidu even?), SpaceX, Tesla, Huawei etc. We thump our chests claiming 800 million users on the Internet soon but our cities are filthy, with no good roads, erratic power supply, poor drainage, falling water table, extreme pollution. Just having 800 million internet users is not enough for any innovation. If the solutions are brought by Americans or NRIs, it is still not desi innovation.