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The Left's dialectical delusion
Daily Pioneer: Leading News paper
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Will the CPI(M) totter and collapse under the burden of a calcified load of outdated jargons and political claptrap or will it lunge and clutch at the Congress buoy and survive, as an effigy of its old self? The communist party's Kolkata plenum offered some answers
That the Communist Party of India (Marxist) suffers from an acute dialectical delusion, and has reduced itself to only trying to consider how it can best become the Congress's political lackey, was evident in the level and texture of debate that took place in its just concluded plenum in Kolkata. The party and its leaders reserved their bluff and bluster of being a vehicle for the "toiling masses" only for the consumption of the sourced crowd that had been collected or rather had been enticed to converge upon the Kolkata Maidan, with the promise of a free winter day trip to Kolkata, a visit to its many landmarks and a sumptuous meal of basic Bengali delicacies.
Behind the CPI(M)'s dialectical smokescreen of employing "flexibility tactics to deal with swift changes" is actually an abject acceptance of a profound lack of direction and sense of purpose and utility in the current Indian political climate and context. It betrays the party's apprehension of making or eking out a living by latching on to the apron string of a dynasty-led Congress from which it has, often in the past, derived political oxygen and academic sustenance.
So bereft was the Congress of intellectual strength or stamina that it had outsourced the running of major social science and other academic institutions to card-carrying members of communist parties who passed off as historians and legists of India's civilisational evolution. It was pathetic to see a political party which had led India's freedom movement but then died a violent and rupturous death in 1969, giving birth to a semi-clone called the Congress (I), handover the writing of that history essentially to Guignols who never participated in the freedom movement and were, instead, actively engaged in opposing it.
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