Saturday, January 23, 2016

Quick notes: Solar tariffs, Congestion pricing...

  • How low can it go? Solar power tariff at record low, drops to Rs 4.34 a unit

  • NYT commits blasphemy: Suggests an "orderly deportation process" for able-bodied young Mohammedan men in Europe.

  • Back to traffic jams: Life after Delhi's odd-even experiment

  • CSE study: Delhi's air quality worsened after end of odd-even scheme.

  • Congestion charging is the way forward: A more durable effect on pollution might come from a congestion-pricing programme, in which drivers are charged for using the roads at certain places and times. This approach, which has been successful in places like London and Singapore, allows cities to effectively reduce car use at periods of peak congestion and pollution. The Delhi government should pilot the use of congestion charging, and invest any income from the charge in high-quality, high-capacity public transport with zero local emissions. 

  • Nashik dhol in Ganesh galli:

  • The real meaning of grahas:


non-carborundum said...


You should join AAP.

CSE is a dubious entity. The lady is an alter ego of R.K. Pachauri. Here is another study:

BTW, the traffic jams are because of the Republic Day traffic restrictions as well.

Congestion pricing? Yikes! Do people really have a choice whether to undertake a commute or not? Lets take more cues from the Singaporeans and ban chewing gum and paan as well.

Please do not keep delivering these leftie/greenie factoids. I hope you're a US citizen. Go vote for Hillary or Berniew Sanders. This country does not need more screwing up.

Pagan said...

I could never enter NYC without paying tolls. And the first time I parked in Manhattan, I had to shell out $27 for 3 hours. This is how they regulate congestion.

Be New York or London or Singapore, it is common sense that dictates policy. Not leftist or rightist ideology. There is a limit to how many private vehicles we can allow before it all breaks down.