Friday, January 08, 2016

North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb Test

Following North Korea's recent statement of having tested a Hydrogen bomb, the US is now looking to China to rein in its pet surrogate.

However, it's unlikely that Pyongyang has succeeded in successfully detonating a thermonuclear device, and doing what even India could not do in its Pokhran-II test. Instead, this was probably a boosted-fission weapon, which is quite dangerous enough in itself.


karyakarta92 said...

Strategic affairs analyst Bharat Karnad opines (and is probably right) that it was actually a Pakistani nuke bomb design, vetted by Chinese nuclear weapons scientists - that was tested in North Korea. He predicted the impending test in North Korea almost a week prior to it and stated that Pakistani nuclear scientists were present in North Korea. This is a serious setback to India. Pakistan now has a qualitative and quantitative edge over India's nuclear weapon arsenal. Pakis have both low yield tactical nukes and megaton yield nukes with credible delivery vehicles. India is a sitting duck to Pakistan's rapacious Islamic Jihad missiles!

san said...

India should publicly warn the Americans that its nuclear testing restraint could be scrapped if Pakistan gets nuclear data from North Korea's test.