Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fwd: Sharing GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA 2016 with people in distant towns and lands

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Welcome to GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA...the Temple Festival 2016 on this auspicious Saturday evening at the haloed 700 year old
Dodda Basavanna temple built by the illustrious erstwhile ruler of Bengaluru Sri Kempegowda.where we begin this years edition
of GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA which is dedicated to Bhumi Devi our Sacred Earth this year.

We decided that for those of you who live in distant towns and countries we should still give you the chance to share in this celebration
True to the culture of our country we decided to use the latest in technology, that of web-casting and share with you art that is thousands of
years old in a temple that is seven hundred years old. Bharata is this great country where the ancient and contemporary walk hand in hand.

Please find below the web link for the web cast and the program will begin by 5.00 pm IST.

Please find below the direct link to the webcast of GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA 2016.

You could also view on

We would be delighted with your feed back too. Attached is the schedule of events over the next 6 week-ends.
Please do share this with your friends and family.

Warm Regards,
Vijayalakshmi V
Secretary, Heritage,


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