Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Nightwatchman Who Didn’t Blow The Whistle

In virtually every scandal – from the 2G spectrum case to the coal block allocation scam – it’s by now well established that Manmohan Singh knew in real time that much mischief was afoot, yet he looked the other way. He was the nightwatchman who knew that the country was being looted, but didn’t blow the whistle.
If only Manmohan-the-mouse had roared sooner – and his aggression had been directed at the perpetrators of the corruption scandals – perhaps his thunderous speech in Parliament on Wednesday would have carried greater conviction.
Venky Vembu: Why Manmohan-the-mouse should have roared sooner

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witan said...

It seems that night-watchmen are not concerned about daylight robberies.