Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Chindu propagandizes for Maoists

The Chindu has completely morphed into a Naxalite pamphlet. There are no hints of mere leftist bias anymore.

Here, it makes a big deal about the statue of a police officer located in a Chattisgarh village -
accused of "rape". I don't recall The Chindu of ever making a big deal about actual rapes perpetrated by "Maoists" - of village women and poor, forcibly conscripted female Maoist cadre.

Besides, allegations against the police officer need to be *proven*.

By The Chindu's standards, the
"Maoist" courier doctor "Binayak Sen" (stealth christist) should have received capital punishment for waging war against the nation. Yet, The Chindu was in the forefront of a
vociferous international campaign by pseudo-liberals to
let off the "Maoist" doctor whose hands are stained with the blood of hundreds of Indian security forces personnel.

So the outcry over the policeman's statue is curious.

Isn't The Chindu aware of various fascist murderers and rapists who have prominent landmarks named after them, in
Delhi? Hasn't The Chindu heard about Babar road, Humayun road, Akbar road, Jehangir road,
Shah Jahan road, Aurangzeb road, Tughluq road, Bahadur Shah Zafar marg - in the national capital?

This is the ignorance that is derived from an incurable indoctrination in Communism and narrow Dravidian parochialism!


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