Thursday, March 07, 2013

Seditious jester bats for Jihadis, yet again

This jester's atrocious and toxic statements have become unbearable. The champion running dog of the Islamo-fascist imperialists in India - in a way is quite representative of the anti-national, anti-Hindu Indian media. The right treatment for this jerk would have to be solitary confinement in a psychiatric institution. If that fails to produce any results, he should be deported to Taliban controlled territory in the North West Frontier Province.

Press Council Chairperson Markandey Katju has demanded that the government reinstate Defence Research and Development Organisation scientist Aijaz Ahmed Mirza who was arrested on terror charges but released on bail as the National Investigation Agency did not file a chargesheet against him.

In a letter written to Defence Minister A K Antony and Karnataka Chief Minister Jagdish Shettar, Katju said that if there is no evidence against Mirza,

"I would request you to look into this matter immediately, and if it is true that there is no evidence against he should be reinstated forthwith on the post he was holding before he was sacked, otherwise a wrong message will be sent throughout the country that Muslims are terrorists and are fair game for being persecuted and victimised by the communal forces," the PCI Chief said in his letter.

Katju said that he had already issued a press note criticising the false implication of Muslims in bomb blast cases. He also said that Mirza had in a TV interview said that he was tortured and made to suffer indignities in jail.

"Hence I request you to ensure that apart from reinstating him, adequate compensation is awarded to him by the central and state government and an open apology is issued by Central and State governments to Aijaz Ahmed," Katju said.

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