Wednesday, March 06, 2013

More idiocy from Yankee South Asia "expert"

America is increasingly challenged at home, on various fronts - fiscally, educationally, intellectually etc.

But, this Atlanticist expert did not go to school in the abomination ObamaNation.

The more perceptive American scholars, such as the historian Will Durant, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams et al were quite knowledgeable about India, its civilization and the threats to it from outside.

Yet, this is the pied piper who will be followed by the US administration - hence lionized and faithfully obeyed by brown sepoys in New Delhi afflicted by the "Gunga Din syndrome".

"That's the future -- that's the future that's good for Indians, it is good for Pakistanis, it is good for everyone.
South Asia could be as it was back in the era of the glory days of the Mughal empire -- the wealthiest, most progressive place in the entire universe."


souixsie said...

Just substitute Al Qaeda for Pakistan and the US for India in this equation and see how far the Americans would run with this advice. I am disappointed in Bruce Riedel; he knows Pakistan better than anyone else in the US, and his knee-jerk response is to appease their reckless brinkmanship by sacrificing India? Why aren't Indian analysts like Brahma Chellaney getting access to these Indian outlets instead Riedel?

Water Engineer said...

This fellow is an arm chair expert. He wants Indians to behave well like true Dhimmies. He is right too. Our country is an unorganised gaggle of dhimmies-st-hesrt. Our polity is run by dhimmies. Govt is of dhimmies, by the dhimmies BUT for the NOT DHIMMIES.