Thursday, March 07, 2013

Kerala's latest export to the U.S in 2013: Slavery!

An export of Kerala's "secular"
category, that is.

Notice how when caught perpetrating SLAVERY in the United States of America, the
cunning "secular" slave master is claiming to be a "TRADITIONAL, DEFERENTIAL, i.e. SUBSERVIENT" Indian housewife! i.e. taking a dump on India and Hinduism to rationalize away their heinous crimes.

Someone needs to inform the Court and Prosecution that:

1) The slave masters are converts to the ROL, i.e. they cannot now claim adherence to "Indian traditions", which they hate and ridicule, which they or their ancestors wilfully abandoned - for a bag of rice and which tradition they are on a mission to annihilate.

2) Kerala is well known to be a
matrilineal, matriarchichal society where the tradition is for the man to be subservient!

Annie George
repeated earlier testimony that she didn't know
Valsamma Mathai was in the United States illegally and that she didn't mistreat her during the 5{ years she worked in her New York state home.

Mathai has testified that she slept in a closet, worked long days without vacation, days off or sick time and wasn't allowed to leave the property.

The case surfaced when Mathai's son in India, Shiju, called the National Human Trafficking Resources Center in 2011.

George is charged with harboring an illegal immigrant for financial gain, which carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine upon conviction.

In his closing arguments, defense lawyer Mark Sacco said Annie George was a traditional Indian wife and mother who deferred to her husband on all decisions and was cruelly punished if she didn't.

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