Saturday, March 02, 2013

arun joshi and the strange case of billy biswas

i am not quite sure why i clicked on a link from china's national newspaper. maybe my blog page's 'hindu' links accidentally point to this chinese paper. it ain't no hindu.

but this arun joshi, i don't recall coming across him. as for indian english, the best of these novels was 'the shadow liines' by amitava ghosh before he became afflicted by secularitis; after that, his work has disappointed, eg. glass palace and the horrible calcutta chromosome. i rate that one book by ghosh, along with 'remains of the day' by kazuo ishiguro as the two greatest works in english in the 1990s. ishiguro's book in particular is a page turner -- about a naive british butler, of all people. 'shadow lines' is a moving story about -- of all things -- geography. 

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