Monday, May 02, 2005

islamic fundamentalism and sex slave trade in iran

may 2

forwarded by a friend. the status of women in iran sounds pretty bad. it might be a good idea to send some of india's muslim-apologist feminists (shabana azmi, teesta setalvad) there to get an idea of how much better off they are in india.


Anonymous said...

Hmm..a rather cheap-skate comment, from a supposed Hindu.Do you really believe that women are better off in India than in Iran? Hmm..wonder if you ever had a look at the female infanticides figures in Tamil Nadu? Or the increasing crimes against women in Delhi, the supposed capital of this great civilization? Or the recent news item that a rapist actually thinks he can get away by offering to marry the woman he raped? He is not the single aberration in the society, he is the product of the society.. And these are Hindu women, the situation of Muslim women is even worse. Ofcourse, as the Hindu nationalist, you'd gloss over all of it, shouting how much "freedom" the Hindu gives to the female sex.
Anyways, since you want to make it personal, you throw in a cheap comment here and there about Shabana Azmi and the like. Who cares about them? And anyone who believes that women in India are better off in India just by looking at the likes of Shabana Azmi is kidding themselves.

Anonymous said...

The difference is that in India or in Hinduism there is no 'divine' justification for hurting women. In Islam and thus in Iran, oppressing women, treating them like objects, doing honor killings, all these are 'divinely' authorized by the Koran. By definition Islam will be more cruel towards women because Mohammed told Muslims to be so, and demonstrated how to with his own acts including pedophilia/statutory rape of 9-year-old Ayesha. Breast-beating hypocrites like Shabana Azmi and Teesta Setalvad tend to keep the facts of Allah-given Islamic misogyny well covered up.