Saturday, May 28, 2005

more on nepali maoist-cpm strongman meet

may 28th

so they are both jnu alumni, so what's wrong with them having a little alumni meeting?

what's wrong is that the nepali is an interpol-wanted terrorist criminal, and the indian intelligence agencies have no business escorting him around the place.

this reminds me of jaswant singh escorting the hijackers to kabul. what's worse is that karat is an extra-constitutional authority, who has no official position in government. jaswant singh at least had the authority to do whatever he did (even if i think he was wrong). what authority does karat have?

here's what reader jk sent me with a pointer to his blog. i have previously talked about this event in my blog too. here are the links, jk's and mine:

this is more evidence that some malayalis especially communists, socialists and marxists, are troublemakers in ways disproportionate to their small numbers. i pointed out once that the tibet debacle had been put together by krishna menon and k m panikkar, with m o mathai as the nehru dynasty person's private secretary. i got yelled at by various people for pointing this out. however, the very same fact has been pointed out by jairam ramesh in his 'chindia' book (i didn't buy it, a friend of mine did and i glanced through it) as evidence of the long-running ties between kerala and tibet!

now with tka nair, mk narayanan, hormis tharakan (pm's principal secretary, national security advisor, raw chief); vincent george (the private secretary of the reigning nehru dynasty person); all malayalis, too, i am concerned. i have no evidence one way or the other if these people are communist/marxist/socialist, but the coincidence is remarkable.

with prakash karat, a 24-karat marxist malayali added to the mix, it is clear that nepal is definitely going to go the tibet way. it will be a chinese territory soon, and will be exporting revolution to india in spades.

i despair sometimes for this poor country.

and everybody is in ecstacy over manmohan singh's 'strong stewardship' of the country. yes, with 150 districts now under the naxalite gun, widespread religious persecution of hindus (starting with the kanchi incidents) and economic growth heading south; not to mention the political games being repeated in goa, jharkhand, and now bihar: the idea is clear --

"one man, one vote, one time".

you got to vote the congress and marxists into power, and that's it: you've had your fill of democracy for ever now. no more change of government, ever.


fursati said...

Its mindboggling that UPA govt doesn't recognize the menace of Maoist-communist (Aahh.. How can they ? Congress itself needs the support of these commies to run this govt. What a shame..).
Almost the entire eastern side of the country is battling with Naxal violence. There is a "Naxal belt" from eastern-UP to all the way in Andhra pradesh. Currently UP, Bihar, Orrisa, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh are under the grip of Naxal violence.
Its shame that instead of supporting the Nepalese to crush this menace and in the process help ourselves, we are hosting a criminal and giving him a five star treatment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,

You may want to consider posting the following more general, yet related, article on your blog:

Foreign policy alien to India

san said...

That Daily Pioneer article was interesting. I agree that India needs to avoid these clever-by-half schemes in its attempt to stabilize the Nepal situation. But let me quote from the article:

"In political circles, the identities of those who were responsible for this subversion are well known. Will they be held accountable for their misdeeds? Or, because their actions are linked to committee room intrigues and because the Prime Minister doesn't control the appointments in his own office, will they be rewarded?"

I really wish they'd just name names like conventional Western journalists do. What's the point in making cryptic comments like that?

san said...

France, a founding member of EU, has voted to reject the EU treaty, and this is now throwing EU on the back foot. If the organization is blocked from transitioning to more effective rules, it will soon become bogged down and slide towards irrelevance and possible breakup.

With France's local relations on its continent being put into adversity, this might then cause them to compensate by shoring up relations elswhere, including an increased rhetorical lip-service support for India entering the Security Council.

But India will be better served if the EU as a protectionist bloc stays on the ropes, because their protectionism merely flouts market imperatives. A bloc formed just to protect a culture based on 3-day work week simply can't survive.

The French have said 'Pee-Yew!' to EU, and now let the political fallout begin. Old Europe is being eclipsed by youthful Asia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev and visitors to this blog,
The site has been updated. AID is back to its old tricks of deleting things from websites once more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rajeev,

Did you read this news about a brigadier who sold army plans for 20 thousand bucks. Idiot. Traitor. I can't wait to find out his religion. Once I know his religion, I can brand his entire religion and community as trator anti-nationals and demand that they are expelled from India.

psecs_ka_asli_baap said...

Did you read this news about a brigadier who sold army plans for 20 thousand bucks. Idiot. Traitor. I can't wait to find out his religion. Once I know his religion, I can brand his entire religion and community as trator anti-nationals and demand that they are expelled from India.

You are clearly a person with inferior intellect and low IQ. You believe that Pakis had Indian battle plans in their hands but they still lost because one tank got stuck in a bridge.

As for who would sell battle plans for Rs.20,000 ... only rice xtians are capable of such feat, why they would sell their mothers for a plate of leftover rice.

Anon said...

more on AID:

Anonymous said...

Chaddis are spineless!main chaddi proves it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
The site has been updated.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
The site has been updated.

san said...

Another anony-mouse/rat wrote:
Chaddis are spineless!main chaddi proves it!!

My response to Rediff's Amulya Ganguli:

Amulya, I agree that nothing good will come of Advani's visit to our nasty neighbor on our western border. But your own motives for attacking him are very weasel-ish. Because politically correct left-wing kneejerks like you were repelled by Advani's nationalist politics -- it's not so much Advani you hate, but just anyone who'd take a stand for nationalism -- you feel an irrational vindictive desire to go after him any way you can.

It reminds me of those ugly gloating Congress politicians whose first reaction to the Kargil invasion was to sneer that Vajpayee's peace talks had burst in his face. They didn't care that the country had been invaded -- they only first wanted to line up to stick a knife in the back of the rival gang they despised -- "Her Majesty's DIS-loyal opposition."

In the same grotesque way Amulya, you're only obsessed with sniping at Advani. When Manmohan or Sonia Rani shake hands with Musharraf, then of course you stay mum. Musharraf is courting Advani because he knows that 'Only Nixon Can Go to China'.

And because Advani is an exhausted Sindhi refugee betrayed and hounded in the country he sought asylum with (that means betrayed by left-wing rats like you, Amulya), he identifies with Mohajirs Musharraf and Jinnah,who are now estranged from the Pakistan they adopted and fought for.

In that same way Amulya, you're at least as bad as any ethnic parochialist -- worse in fact, because you're a faux-patriot who's trying to wrap himself in the flag on opportunistic pretense, when the other 99% of the time you'd burn it.

Anonymous said...

oops..looks like togadia ,the main chaidd called advani a triator.So Mr.San,you are with the traitor or with the Sangh?

Anonymous said...

"Chaddis in dilemma"

Uber Cha Dee said...

See there is no dilemmas with all those wearing red undies or psec langots and they never will have any. Here's why:

You under a word against the fat cats in politiburo, your naxal buddies will give you a "wedgie" in your red undy.

Same with psec langots; party high command aka the ruling head of the Gandhi/Nehru clan will send you to to the 'out house' clean your own julab with that langot my dear anon mousie.

So via la chaddi and the dilemmas they have to live with, better than delhi-amma no?

Anonymous said...

If the head-chaddi is a head traitor,will all the chaddis become little pesky traitors ? need to discuss this in chinthain bhaitak.

san said...

Mr Anonymouse, I am neither with the 'traitor' or with the Sangh. I support values over personalities. Not everyone spends their time like you, worrying about which Personality Cult to latch onto. (Whom should we pray for more today -- Priyanka-ji, or Rahul-ji? Lalu-bhai, or Mulayam-bhai?) For a sycophant wind-up toy like yourself, it must be tough to grapple with these "dilemmas".

There is some old saying about how events are more important than personalities, and ideas are more important than events.

And yet I'll feel some sympathy for Advani, to the extent that the leftist media has latched onto going after him over others, to make him their favorite whipping boy. To that extent I feel empathy for him, because he's had to bear the brunt of the attacks on his party from the outside. Some Leftist actually had the indecency to con people at the Weisenthal Holocaust Museum into displaying Advani's picture among infamous perpetrators of genocide, like Hitler and Pol Pot. Now that's what I call a smear campaign.

But you're right, I don't agree with Advani's statements on Jinnah's greatness. If he was so great, how come he couldn't even leave his beloved Pakistanis a constitution? As much as I dislike that Banyan Tree Nehru, I think he was a little better than Jinnah.

As far as "undoing follies of partition," I'd say that's upto those who championed partition to do that. Indians didn't advocate partition -- Pakistanis did. It's like saying India should be held responsible for proliferation of nuclear warheads to North Korea, or logistical support to Bin Laden. No, India didn't do that -- it was beloved Pakistan which did, and so they can take the blame.

I don't support this policy of making kissy-faces to Pakistan just to facilitate the US war on terror. We shouldn't behave like marginal support characters in someone else's dream. Suddenly Uncle Sam has discovered Islamic Militancy in SouthAsia is a threat, and they suddenly need us to make up with Pakistan in order to give Musharraf more breathing room to chase Osama. The Americans need to stew in their own juices for a bit, in order to savor their own folly of diverting 9/11 attention away from SouthAsia toward Iraq. We're not their servants, to be wiping up after their mess, living and dying on their finger-snapping.

Anonymous said...

You are such a wind bag,you are so boring,one falls in sleep with the first sentence. In Malayalam ,there is a saying: "veenidathu kidannu urullalle maashe".
First of all none cares what Advanis said.It is no surprise. Chaddis are third rate traitors all the time. They prove it each time with more passion! Chaddis love to insult India all the time,be it in our own country or abroad. We all know that.No question about it. But the thing is,now what will other spinelees misguided chaddis who hailed Advani will do ? Hmm....being a chaddi as it is is enoough pollution to earth,now with nothing to do and a lazy mind,what more crap will they think of doing??

Anonymous said...

Well said san. But you should realise that it's futile writing long explanations to commie-jihadi-pinko-psecs. They are used to short one liners from mullas or red boss in Bejing or the amma in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Where is Rajeev, anyway?

Has he gone to vacation without access to an internet-enabled laptop?

Because I treat this blog as my "News website" because I can't stand to read all that nonsense in "mainstream" newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Rajeev, heres an article thats sure to generate a heated discussion and you are bound to enjoy..

Keep up the good work..

p.s. I understand you're busy, but how about dropping in @ the blog more frequently ??

An article by Tunku Varadarajan, features editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Want a sample ?? Here you go..

When an Indian-American 13-year-old won the Scripps National Spelling Bee last week--the fifth time in seven years in which a child from that ethnic group has won this stirringly absurd contest--my first reaction, naturally, was to ask why such a striking pattern of success has emerged. (Indians are 0.66% of the U.S. population.)

My second reaction was to suggest to my wife (just as gobsmacked as I by this year's bee, in which winner, runner-up and third place all had their origins in the Indian subcontinent) that Indians must have vast space in their brains for memorizing spellings, since very little of their cerebral room is taken up by social subtleties or a sense of humor.

My third reaction, since we'd just seen a charming documentary called "Mad Hot Ballroom"--in which a team of Dominican schoolkids from the Bronx had vanquished all comers in a citywide ballroom-dancing competition--was to say that, just as the Dominican children in the movie had clearly "got rhythm," the Indian kids at the bee had just as clearly "got spelling."


In the case of the little Indian-American spelling champs, an arguable one is that this ethnic group has pushier parents than any other tribe, all very eager--no, make that desperate--for their kids to succeed at school, or at anything that looks remotely like school.

This attitude draws on a particular Indian cultural trait, bequeathed to broader Indian society by the Brahminical upper stratum: Success at letters is the sweetest sort of success, the achievement nonpareil.

For millennia, India was a land where the poorest scholar was held in higher esteem than the richest businessman. This approach to life proved disastrous for modern India. Jawaharlal Nehru, the country's first prime minister and a Brahmin to his manicured fingertips, had such contempt for business (and for profits) that his economic policies condemned his people to two generations of stagnation.

But Nehru would have approved of spelling bees. Indian pedagogy relies heavily on rote memorization--the result of a fusion of Victorian teaching methods imposed by the British and ancient Hindu practice, in which the guru (or teacher) imparted his learning to pupils via an oral tradition. (The Victorians, for their part, regarded correct spelling almost as a moral virtue, and certainly as a caste "signifier," to use a clumsy anthropological term.)

So the act of sitting down for months with dictionary on lap, chanting aloud the spellings of abstruse words and then committing them to memory probably taps into an atavistic stream coursing through the veins of Indian bee-children. A friend tells the story of how, in his childhood, he'd had an Indian boy home for a sleep-over. He awoke in the middle of the night to find his guest poring over the host family's Random House dictionary. "I own an Oxford dictionary," the boy had said, by way of bizarre, nocturnal explanation. "This American dictionary is so different!"


san said...

I would also point out that conversely, Indians - particularly NRIs like Indo-Americans - have lesser achievements in recognized athletics. India rarely wins Olympic medals, in contrast to other major countries. When you're lousy at sports, then you'll focus more on intellectual pursuits.