Friday, May 20, 2005

Guardian: media manipulation and US as a friend


san said...

The US gets a lot of support from Indian media, especially when it comes to capitulating on vital national interests. Yet these same Indian media are the first to howl about threats to national interest whenever the govt moves towards opening up the country's media sector to foreign entry. You can't have it both ways. These fair-weather friends and part-time patriots need to be held to account. There's no reason for their industry to benefit from protectionism, when they are simply a 5th column anyway. Let foreign media companies participate in the market, and that will quickly force our media to straighten out their nationalist perspective, in order to differentiate themselves from outside competitors.

san said...

Here's a good article assessing the USA's post-9/11 strategy:

It points out that the USA's current half-minded policy is finally running out of juice, and that it's going to be forced to make some hard decisions if the terror threat is to seriously dealt with. They cannot continue on in their present course.

Anonymous said...

Rajeev, do have a look at this - this is different from ur post, and it is surely sickening. I am tired of these Paki bigots.

san said...

This is totally off-topic, but I really wanted to post this excellent article authored by Prof Rusi Taleyarkhan who is originally from IIT Mumbai:

IEEE Article

Here is a background piece on Dr Taleyarkhan:

TOI Article

Dr Taleyarkhan and his team have shown tantalizing experimental evidence of a possible way to make energy. In a small container the size of a coffee cup, they may have managed to trigger a thermonuclear fusion reaction like that found in the heart of our sun. Now this is more important than the Sood effect!

If these effect could be scaled up to the point of achieving commercial levels of power-generation, then it will make all other energy supplies obsolete. Other efforts to achieve fusion have seen billions of dollars spent while falling far short of the goal. Dr Taleyarkhan & co have spent only $1000 to make their apparatus!

Normally, I'm skeptical of miracle breakthrough claims, however this one provides some very tempting evidence in the form of energetic neutrons and gamma rays, which can only be produced from a thermonuclear reaction!