Thursday, May 26, 2005

maoist's target: india; and why is karat meeting with them?

may 26th
forwarded by a reader. this sounds quite alarming, as there is a clear plan to create 'revolution' in india.

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Date: May 25, 2005 5:53 PM
Subject: hello Rajeev, it's very important.

Hi Rajeev,
how are you? i have come across this interview of 'Prachanda', Nepal's rebel leader and he says that his final challenge will be fighting Indian Army. It's very clear from the interview that the Maoists in Nepal are blatantly anti-Indian. Please spare some moments and read this interview, which details nefarious designs of these Maoists.
The link to this interview is as follows.
Also in today's Times of India, an article mentioned that Prakash Karat of CPM has secretly met Maoist leader Bhattarai in New Delhi. I think this is a very serious and disturbing event as Indian government officially considers Maoists as terrorists.
This is very dangerous situation and it's clear from Prachanda's interview that communists have well crafted and strategized policy for take over of Nepal and it's final challenge coming from Indian Army. It's also clear that RIM (Revolutionary Internatlists Movement) an umbrella organization to which all communist parties are associated is providing logistics assistance at ground level and leftists media is providing good support to the Maoists insurgents, particularly blocking anything negative news of Maoists and portraying the King as the chief villain.
If Nepal situations goes out of hand and Maoists indeed takes over Nepal and declares People's Republic of Nepal and names their Army as People's Liberation Army then surely their next target will be India. Prachanda makes clear that he will not be merely satisfied with planting red flag on Mount Everest but India will be his next move.
I wonder what nationalists parties of India and nationalists people in media is doing to counter this serious threat. It's astonoshing to know that so far there is no hue and cry about serious developements in Nepal especially after meeting of top Maoists leader with Prakash Karat of CPM.  Major countries in world including India has termed maoists as terrorists and here Prakash Karat is secretly meeting a maoists in Delhi. It's really shocking, so say the least.

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san said...

The only language the Maoists understand is force. It's Mao after all who said that "power comes through the barrel of a gun."

What's needed is an infiltration and assassination campaign against these guys to decimate their senior-most ranks. The strength of guerrilla/terrorist groups may be their fluid qualities, such as agility and ability to appear and vanish quickly. However the weakness of any guerrilla group is cohesion. Infiltrate them to make them suspicious of each other, and liquidate any leadership nodes. That will demoralize them and sap their strength. The other thing is to help Nepalese realize the fruits of capitalism, to reduce their support for the gun-toting thugs, and enlist their support against them.

These policies can't be restricted to just Nepal, since their Maoists easily get support from within India.

The key is to always be more audacious than them. Whatever they do -- do worse to them, and don't wait for them to do it.

Even though the US lost to the tenacious Vietnamese guerrilla army, the US and China subsequently backed the even more vicious Khmer Rouge which sank its teeth into the Vietnamese forces.

Even guerrillas have a pain threshold beyond which they cannot last. And they also have an intellectual threshold past which they cannot debate. They need to be outmatched on both fronts.

Ryan said...

These Marxists are one of the foremost anti-national elements in the country...I can't imagine how people tolerate them. Given an opportunity they will gladly hand the country's reins over to the Chinese... They have systematically launched an attack against Indian culture, taken over the media and hijacked the education system ! I wonder what the next move will be..

jai hind said...

Its tough to argue with intellectually superior indvidual. But it is impossible to argue with person with less or no intelligence. That's what is happening in India.Leftists usually come from inferior educational background (little surprise that JNU is their mecca. That's as far as they can reach). As it is they are frustrated. They resort to cacophony & slogan shouting the movement they see loosing ground in debates. I have observed this several times in TV debates. Same is the case in parliament now. Owing to their ability to shout their lungs out, though they are numerically less than NDA, they have a high nuisance value along with RJD buffalos & the ability to create ruckus. I have a feeling that NDA boycotted not on any principle, but to stay away from red-noise.

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Who do they get their money from?

Everything needs money for sustenance. Rebellion, even more so.

Are they so popular that the people of areas from which they hail, willingly go hungry that these 'revolutionaries' may eat? And is the money thus generated enough to sustain buying of weapons and ammunition?

Automatic weapons are traceable to their source of manufacture, and it is not difficult to trace where the guns come from. And also the money.

The Hitopadesa / Panchatantra advise about cutting off the source of money of the troublemongers. Looks like our government has selective blindness to such.