Wednesday, May 04, 2005

CNN: beware, email lowers your IQ

may 4th

in case you've been wondering why you have become dumber than you were in the past, here's a good reason why :-)

at least, smoking grass is more interesting than reading email. (note: personally, i wouldn't know, i didn't inhale, as bill clinton would say.)


Anonymous said...

i think just staying in usa reduces our IQ...
time to pack the bags & move back to india (the intellectual capital of the world)

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not related to this topic. Anyway did you read this article..? said...

Hey Rajeev,

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Clearly in a state of panic AID has disabled archiving many of its pages.
Check for details.

Anonymous said...


The outlook piece is hyping the stupidity of christian fundamentalists and KKK terorrists in the US. Just as the US gives a damn about international laws when punishing these right-wingers there is nothing that compels India or for that matter any county to follow international law, just watch china. To get an antidote to the christian propaganda spewing from diversion of taxpayer money just watch Bill Maher's show and chill. Bottom-line, the richest religion will survive, it's upto the hindus to make sure they both get rich and survive, forget the pinkos, all they want is to keep u poor. And a poor religion will not survive in this age of globalised religion.

san said...

Well, this is a bit off-topic, but I wanted Rajeev to look at this, since he loves to use marketing anlaysis techniques to explain socio-political phenomena:

It's about research into success of movies. I wonder if the same studies could be applied to Indian movies, to determine their impact dynamics and prospects of success. Hehe, perhaps big screens also make people dumber too.

Anonymous said...

I wanted India to leave UN for almost 10yrs now since I came to know that UN spends a paltry 40c/dollar contribution that it receives for welfare of countries that it says it protects. All the UN employees lead a life which cannot even be dreamt of by a normal person. These guys fly business class,stay at 5star hotels,drive merc and BMW's when most of it could be diverted to welfare of poor people. They ouright suck and when a guy is skiing even after hearing Tsunami has destroyed 1000's of lives you know this organization doesn't deserve to exist.