Sunday, May 08, 2005

the 'miracles' of the underpass and the cheese sandwich

May 8th

where are all the 'enlightened' 'secular' 'progressives'? why aren't they decrying this idolatry? clearly christian idolatry of graven images (including all those weeping madonnas) is okay with them, and so is idolatory of the one and only (tm) book in christianity and marxism.

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Vidhya said...

A little off this topic. I read this article "The forgotten state" in rediff,

Its saddening to know that much of our culture is let to die in the name of communism, sectarianism, dravidian style politics and evangelism. The pathetic state is we never get to know such things. How much more knowledge and treasures do we lose before realizing our mistakes?