Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tirupati's funds for christians courtesy christian CM of andhra?

may 11th

forwarded by a friend. i haven't personally verified the facts below (but why should that stop me? it never stops the 'secularists'. it's in fact more fun to make unsupported allegations and hope some of it sticks. i urge you guys to repeat this and post it all over the place, and it will become 'truth by repeated assertion' in the time-honored ways of the christians, muslims and marxists.)

but i wouldnt be surprised if this is true, after all there have been marxists and christians on the managing boards of the guruvayur temple as well. 'secularism' in action. when will we see some hindus on the board of the christian medical college, vellore or of the velankanni church in nagapattinam? answer: when hell freezes over, or when pigs fly. after all, they have to keep their war-room conversion ideas and large overseas funds flow secret.

incidentally cherian runs a hospital in kerala too with a very christian name, something like st. joseph or mar gregorios or something like that.

From: S V Badri (
Date: May 6, 2005 12:50 AM

Y \"Samuel\" Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR), the CM of Andhra Pradesh, is proving to be the greatest facilitator of Christian missionary work in Andhra.

Readers will recall that just a few days ago, he ensured the entry of JRG Wealth Management Limited, organization owned by a Kochi based syrian christian, G B Mathew, into the decision making and procurement process of Prasadam materials for Ugranam of the Bhagawan Venkateshwara Mandir in Tirupati.

And now, he has gone ahead in bringing in a deal between the SVIMS (Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences owned and run by the TTD) and the Frontier Lifeline and Dr K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation of Chennai. Dr Cherian is a christian and the founder of Madras Medical Mission, a true missionary hospital in Chennai. This telemedicine facility was inaugurated by YSR yesterday, with his interaction with Dr Cherian and his team through video conference.

While I do not intend to belittle the professional competence of Dr Cherian, I am amazed and deeply hurt that the CM could not pick up Hospitals owned and run by Hindus for a tie up with a premier institution owned by one of the most sacred Mandirs of the Hindus. And the money for which comes from common Hindu Bhaktas like you and me. There are at least a dozen or more institutions that can match up, rival and even surpass the facilities offered by Dr Cherian and his team.

Perhaps, YSR does not consider hospitals owned and run by Hindus as worthy of this alliance. Hospitals of eminence like the Apollo Hospitals (Incidentally, the Chairman, Dr Pratap C Reddy comes from Aragonda, about 40 Kms from Tirupathi and Apollo has a hospital facility at Aragonda also), Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Hospitals, Sri Sai Baba\'s wonderful hospital at Puttaparthi, Mata Amritanandamayi\'s Hospital at Kochi, Narayana Hridayalaya of Bangalore, the Escorts Hospital or for that matter any super speciality hospital run by Hindus in his capital city- Hyderabad, as worthy of associating with SVIMS.

YSR has also laid foundations for construction of Vasantha Mandapam in Tirumala, renovation and construction of a new building for the Sri Venkateshwara Oriental College in Tirupati etc., One should get into the details of which firm of contractors has been awarded with the contract for construction.

I will not be surprised if the study would reveal christians being the benefactors of such contracts. Cost of the projects- Rs 109 Crores.

The converts like YSR are under constant compulsion to prove their loyalty to the church.

What next Reddy? Affliliate the TTD Veda Patashala to the Vatican?

Go ahead. No body will raise their little finger in protest as you systematically siphon Mandir funds for proselytization.

I am sure that by the end of his tenure, he will annexe TTD to Opus Dei.

Perhaps, with Hindu passivity at such a peak, he might even manage to replace the Shanku/Chakra with the cross.


Anonymous said...

Who are the Christians that have been/are on the Guruvayoor managing board?

Anonymous said...

Reading this stuff can make somebody sick; sick of the cowardice and passivity shown by our Hindu communities by allowing such nonsensical and irrational activities to happen.

I propose Hindu 'proselytization' to be put into effect on a large scale. Movements like Hare Krishna and Arya Samaj should exponentialize their efforts both home and abroad. After all, I predict that the better "product" will win the "market share".

Anonymous said...

I liked your initial disclaimer. So you think it is OK to make unsupported allegations, because p-secs do it too. So much for credibility!

Coming to the specifics of this mail:

1. The Tirupati hospital has telemedicine network with a lot of hospitals, Dr. Cherian's Frontier Lifeline hospital one among them. Bangalore's Narayana Hrudayala too is linked. And this is the essence of Telemedicine, I suppose, ie. link to expertise wherever available. Having an Apollo hospital within 40kms is irrelevant while the topic is Telemedicine.

Care to explain why restrict Telemedicine to only hospitals owned by Hindus?

2. The company JRG wealth management is a commodity trader, and have expertise in installing online commodity trading terminals. They have done the same at Tirupati. ie. install the equipment and infrastructure for commodity trading. Is this what you mean by "entry into decision making and procurement"

I think your thinking is like this. Only Hindus should be allowed to do business with Hindu institutions. Imagine if the Americans get the same attitude. All of you will be deported to India!

Anonymous said...

hey mr.anonymous 3, YES, only Hindus should be allowed to DO BUSINESS with Hindu institutions. What is your problem with that? Otherwise, ask your christian and muslim friends if Hinds can do business with their institutions, then you can give the Hindus advice.

Anonymous said...

Hey shadow
What do you think of this?

Anonymous said...

Then what the fuck are u doing in Christian US

Jai Hind said...

Then what the fuck are u doing in Christian US

Counter Question : What the F@#K are you doing in Hindu India?

If Christians being in majority makes USA Christian by same logic India becomes Hindu.

So get the F$%K out my Hindu India & i will promise you we will leave your "Christain USA".. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey anyonymous Christian..
there are only 8,00,000 Hindus in "Christian" America & there are 24 million Christians in "Hindu India".

Go do your math first. Do you wana a "fu%^*ing" population exchange?

We are all for it.

Anonymous said...

"YES, only Hindus should be allowed to DO BUSINESS with Hindu institutions. What is your problem with that? "
Now that is outrageously fanatic.... so what comes next only hindhus should be treated at Hindhu hospitals? Only hindus should be taught at hindu schools. Only Hindhus should live in predominantly hindhu community ??? That is called religious segregation similar to what Hitler did to jews If you think that was cool I have no more to say to you.
I didnt expect you, Rajeev to stoop down to this level, you think since others go around saying made up stuff without fact checking, you could do the same and sound credible? Just because somebody doing business with a Hindhu institution is christaian doesnt mean that there is a vested intrest in christians to take over the temple.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much respect for YSR, but blaming him for anything TTD does is plain ridiculous. Why would he make the decisions for TTD and not Thirumala board? The facts in the story may be right but the conclusions are very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Now that is outrageously fanatic....

Dude there's a difference in doing "business with Christains" & "Tirupati/Tirumala doing business with Christian institutions".

Tirumala is not a commercial centre (though it happens to generate a huge revenue). It is a sacred place of millions of Hindu devotees.

Does vatican do "business" with any other religion? Does Jama Masjid of Delhi do "business" with Hindu institutions.

The point being made is Tirumala Devasthanam is a religious place which needs to be kept away from YSR's hidden agenda.

I didnt expect you, Rajeev to stoop down to this level

Oh yea ?
Boss he still maintains a very high level... much higher than your Catholic Goddess who's warming parliament benches in Delhi or her Christian slave YSR sitting in Hyderabad or another slave Dharam Singh in B'lore licking Hinn's toes.

Web Inspector said...

Too many anonymous posters, so I created an ID for myself. I am anonymous poster #3, the other "what the f.*k" comments are not mine.

To answer anonymous 4, I don't think Christian or Muslim institution refuse to allow Hindus (or any other faith) to do business with them. (well, I guess the word business is not very apt here). Would be nice if you can point to specific instances.

Also, why are some people assuming patronage of all Hindus here? That too sitting in places like the US? Does someone here think a patient at SVIMS will feel bad that (s)he is being treated by a Christian doctor? Do you think that using commodity trading terminals installed by a Christian owned company makes it an untouchable stuff? Should they also refuse to use software written by Wipro because it is a Muslim owned company? Is this some new form of Apartheid?

Have you guys been away from India for so long that you've lost touch with the reality of India?

Stop this nonsense, o' hate mongers. You are not Hindus and you are not Christians or Muslims. You all belong to a hate club which has representations from all over, all religions included. You conveniently assume identities behind religions, and sugar-coat your hatred and racial prejudice with religious stuff. Internet is the sewer where you spread and infest. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle - find the % of non x-ian staff

These are the faculty sites of 2 prominent govt. aided pvt colleges run by missionaries in Kerala:

Remember Christ college is sitting on the land provided by the famous Koodalmanikyam temple.

Will any prominent church do any business with Hindus or Muslims? In the literate Kerala, apartheid and racism is very much prominent especially in missionary institutions. You could find hindus as sweepers or scavengers who ultimately have to convert.

Recently Kerala's very communal X-ian CM, scuttled the Sabari Erumeli Rail road project which would have helped millions of Sabarimala pilgrims to satisfy his son in-law's family (Muthoot financiers) and the local Methrans (bishop council?). So to satisfy a few, millions have to suffer. But Chandy & his communal agents have no problems in evicting the hindu families near Technopark for expansion. Who knows Chandy may even ask Guruvayoor Devaswom(2nd richest after Tirupathi) to bank with his son-in-law's Muthoot bankers(a prominent blade mafia)!!


Jai Hind said...

Hey Web Inspector, stop your holier than thou sermons. I know you guys come up with such "sugar coated" stuff, if you will, everytime someone questions motives of people like YSR & Hinn. You guys rush into faulting Hindus at drop of the hat & do not see any wrong doing in your own camp.
YRS is not so innocent & neither are all those "evangelicals" who are "serving" the poor in "hospitals".
A lot of Hindus may be gullible so as not to see through the hidden agenda of such Christian Institutions.
But there are now a whole lot of educated & well read Hindus who can figure out what really is happening under the pretex of "social work" by Christian orgs.

The ultimate aim of vatican vis-a-vis India & South Asia is a well documented open secret.

There's a clear pattern emerging in India where not only Hindu individuals but also Hindu institutions are being targetted systematically. Starting with Kanchi seer, Hinn, Modi-visa denial & now this YSR stuff there is clear indication that the Indian Christians have been emboldened & are getting increasingly aggressive after seeing their Madam control Delhi via her proxy Manmohan.

What's wrong if a few Hindus who have the advantage of going on the net & are lucky enough not to base their opinion only on the crap thrown by ('secular') English dailies in India raise a few pertinent issues relating to Hindus on open forums such as Rajeev's blog?

The fact of the matter is Hindus are feeling insecure ever since Sonia is at the helm of the affairs.
And not without reasons, mind you.
It is not an innocent coincidence that within one year of her coming to power, all the above mentioned events have occured.

Rajeev is doing the right job of enlightening Hindus (who care !) about things that might affect us at some point.

Internet is the sewer where you spread and infest. Shame on you

Yea we have to fall back on the internet to spread information & connect with other Hindus as you guys have taken over virtually every media institute in the country. Internet is not a "sewer". It is a new hope for us.
Where the Indian Expresses & Times Of Indias & The Hindus failed us, Internet might work for us.

Jai hind

san said...

I'd say there's no reason for the state to particularly tie up with Hindu-affiliated hospitals over others. However they should keep distance from any organization engaging in conversions, which I consider to be a sectarian/communal offense.

Shyam said...

Did you guys see Paswan's statement ? He demands a Muslim CM....How can a politician get away with a statement like that ? How can we ever progress if we don't rid ourselves of politicians like this ?

san said...

Hey, this is off-topic, but I'm posting it because I want you all to read it anyway:

North Korea is openly stating that it wants to become a nuclear state specifically because it saw how the US allowed Pakistan to get away with it. This shows how the US approach to coddling Pakistan has only harmed them in the long run.

bodhi dharma said...

How Kerala X-ians (sunday school educated) spit communal venom in forums:,1650

He even forgets to mention the religion/civilization of his fore-fathers in another topic,1609

Is Devaswom money utilized to fund these terrorists?

san said...

I was debating some idiot on Rediff who posted that India should not have Uniform Civil Code, otherwise it will not be a secular state. He insisted that that word 'secular' means that the state should cater to 'sects'. I just want to clarify the difference between the word 'secular' and the word 'sectarian' for any marxists out there who only passed their english courses by cheating on their exams. Both 'secular' and 'sectarian' start with 'sec', however a secular state is one which is not organized around religious sects, while a sectarian state is one which is organized around religious sects. I sometimes wonder whether the marxists' simple minds are prone to making these simplistic word-associations.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the person who posted on is living in a fantasy land like the Shadow Warrior. Perhaps it is time to enjoy the warmth of the sun.


The comparison is idiotic - there are hardly any educational institutions that are run by Hindu Missions that employ any Christians or Muslims. What is your point?

And San should explain why he thinks the Uniform Civil Code is "a good thing" for all Indians. Surely it is not because the Shadow Warrior said so or is it?

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous,

There are hardly any Hindu missions in Kerala? What about the SNDP & NSS schools and colleges? Please visit the SN college in Thiruvananthapuram and see the diversity of the staff. Govt. aided private colleges can cater to 50% of positions to their community.

But the Christian Taliban (under the garb of missionary works) provides the scavenging and sweeping positions to Hindus!! If this isnt aparthied, then what is?

Didnt some visitor to this site mention about the traitors in Syrian Christian community who invited the Portugese to de-throne our Travancore kings? Unless Hindus wake up , unite and boycott all businesses run by Missionaries, Kerala can witness the rise of Taliban with the blessing of Vatican and terrorist leaders like Yohannan, Cedric prakash & Valson Thampu.


Web Inspector said...


Could not locate a web page for the SN college, Thiruvananthapuram, but saw another one belonging to NSS.


Count and decide for yourself how many non-Hindus are in the faculty.

Anonymous said...

Web Inspector 'george',

You are listing the site of one dept. And this is again the Professional college, where they prefer M.Techs since it's govt aided. Please check this site of a missionary college - Amal Jyoti in Central Travancore(I am not sure it's aided) see the composition of M.Tecs :

There could be many reasons why M.Tcs are less among the X-ian sects. Most of them could have left the country to work or even study abraod or happy with their family rubber plantations. But once their M Tech numbers increase (thru missionary professional colleges), I am sure Hindus would be wiped off eventually.

I am sorry I couldnt find the SN college site. Probably they dont get govt. bounties and grants and NRI funds :-( So why spend money to maintain the site?

We should compare non-professional colleges, especially under the MG University. Then you'll realize the Taliban nature of the missionaries.


san said...

Anonymouse, perhaps you can also post why you feel that Uniform Civil Code is a bad thing? Let me explain the positive reasons, which are why ALL DEVELOPED NATIONS practice it. It imposes SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Do you require further explanation of why that's beneficial? The absence of such separation would mean the cultivation of SECTARIANISM WITHIN GOVT. Are you understanding the basic words I have used here? Do they require further explanation for your understanding? Will you now ask me to explain why SECTARIANISM is a bad thing in govt? Alright, I'll explain that this can be a prime cause of COMMUNAL ANTAGONISM and SOCIAL SCHISMS. Can I ask you what your intellectual background is, please? Have you gone beyond highschool, or am I trying to explain Integral Calculus to someone who doesn't even know arithmetic? The American Foundign Fathers had an excellent phrase when they said "We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident". For someone who can't see basic ethical truths as self-evident, well they're not going learn except by the hard way. In other words, I'd be inclined to let Anonymouse and his ilk EMIGRATE to some other place and form a society based on their own backward beliefs -- so that they can fall to their own ruin, stew in their own juices, and lie in the bed that they've made. Indian pluralism ironically does a disservice to those who are EXTREMELY BRAINWASHED BY BACKWARDNESS, because those people can physically continue on in their backward ways without having to face the natural consequences of their own stupidity, since they will simply leach off the normal, reasonable and ethical people surrounding them. Eventually the normal people will get tired of this, and a consensus will ultimately crystallize on warding off this parasitical stupidity of the backward thinkers.

Anonymous said...


My point was that the composition of the Hindu faculty in educational institutions run by Hindu missions is equivalent to the Christian faculty in Christian educational institutions.


I don't see how a Uniform Civil Code will promote "separation of church and state" as you claim. If you are really worried about the "separation of church and state" you would not and should not agree to religious places (all of them irrespective of religion) coming under the purview of the governments. The author of this blog and others have stated that they would like all religious institutions to come under their respective state or central government.

As for the rest of the rant about sectarianism etc.: it is already present in the government and the Uniform Civil Code will not prevent it or decrease it. Of course, we must come to a consensus on what is UCC (what laws etc) - a genuine concern among the minorities is that it will be the Hindu Personal Law repackaged as the UCC.

san said...

Please provide examples of how UCC will become a Hindu Law for everyone? Is this because of rampant tendencies by Muslim-majority states to impose Islam on every single inhabitant? Well, I'd suggest that Islamic examples are not the best to apply to everyone. Please look at the example of developed countries, which are all fundamentally based on UCC. If you feel that developed western countries are not good examples to emulate, can you find any model examples of nations that you would like India to emulate? Please bear in mind, if one cannot come up with real-world examples, then there is the danger of your own proposals looking like unachievable fantasy. In a nation, there can only be one apex level of govt. You are trying to suggest multiple centers of power, which would suggest dismemberment of the country. Since Muslims have a history of seeking either separate existence from or domination of others, I'd suggest that you need to come up with something to validate the "concerns" you cite, in order to generate some credibility. Otherwise, one cannot arbitrarily claim moral highground based on smallness of demographic size, which is certainly what you're suggesting.

san said...

Anonymouse, in regards to state control of places of worship, I would say that it should not be done selectively for some religions while exempting others. But again, I would point out the ridiculousness of granting religious leaders state-based authority to enforce religious statutes of dubious ancient origin, with the ability supercede a rigorously rationally-based legal framework. Please point out to me the model nation in this world which you seek to emulate. Please don't tell me that no such model state yet exists because of unspecified misfortune. This is not the path to credibility. Cite some precedent to support your ideal system.

san said...

Anonymouse, there are numerous examples of Islamic states which curtail the rights of women, and even minorities. I can't find any good examples of Islamic states showing the contrary. So I would suggest to you that concerns expressed by Islamic thinkers may not be the most credible. I would also tell you that the assertions that UCC would be HCC are a contrived argument attempting to avoid respecting any non-Islamic type of law -- particularly a secular system of law. If you don't recognize the authority of anyone or anything outside of your sectarian grouping, then in what meaningful respect are you a citizen of the wider society? According to the standard you're arguing for, Indian Muslims are then to be citizens of a separate body of authority of IslamicIndia, and not citizens of India as a whole. One nation means one system of authority. I would like to know how Islamic Legal Authorities would submit to Indian legal authorities. Are you suggesting they be empowered as a separate authority -- a parallel state? Can you have more than one Prime Minister? (hence the use of the word 'Prime' -- or does Anonymouse feel that 'Prime' can also signify a non-unique multiplicity? Here we go with Marxist english lessons again). If you want to participate in a common country, you have to participate in a common system of governance. If you want to drive on the road and share it with everyone else, you've got to obey a common set of traffic rules. Anonymouse would tell you that different people can each drive on the same road under different traffic laws of arbitrary specification. This would of course result in many accidents and collisions, but Anonymouse would blame it on "the evil traffic police".

Anonymous said...

First, I said that the UCC "can" become the Hindu Personal Law repackaged in another form. When the UCC has not even been articulated other than being raise as the bogeyman by some politicians, what "examples" are you talking about? Why the comparison to Muslim states or other Western "Christian" democracies? Why can't India and Indians formulate their own ideas and policy or do you think we should still "copy" from the developed "Christian" West? Part of the problem stems from the fact that you are confusing the US Bill of Rights with the UCC. They are not the same. The Bill of Rights guarantees that the freedom of the individual citizen will not be encroached by the state. The UCC, on the other hand, will create a "common law" for marriage, inheritance, divorce etc. (Incidentally, it is called "common law" in Britain and "common law" varies by state in the U.S..) Ideally that should be the extent of the new civil code. But when the UCC is being championed by a party that is not exactly minority-friendly, not many people believe that the party suddenly cares for them or their "oppressed" women. What proof do you have that the party will not foist some form of Hindu Personal Law or require customs which may not be acceptable to the minorities? From your arguments, it is clear that you really do not want minorities to have much of a say in what becomes the UCC. The minorities too participate in a common system of governance called democracy. There are many communities even within the majority religion that do not or reluctantly accept the law - intermittent incidents of Sati and child marriage come to mind.

Perhaps you can point out the line that says "multiple centres of power" in my previous post or is this because the minorities vote en-bloc and therefore the UCC would be a good way to get them to toe the majority line?

BTW, there are multiple centres of power in Indian Democracy from the Judiciary and the Executive including multiple state governments. Are you then suggesting that only the apex Central Government is important and not the state governments? To argue that such multiple centres of power provide some sort of national instability is hogwash. After all the UCC has not even been articulated and we have been in existence for more than 50 years. Incidentally what state-sanctioned authority does the mullah possess that the Hindu purohit does not possess? There is no constitutional authority granted to either one. So you are just setting up a strawman's argument because some politicians happen to pander to some minority leaders as though they speak for the entire section of minorities. Nobody is claiming that minorities elect a Prime Minister and the majority elect another Prime Minister, as much as this fanciful flight of your imagination would like to believe.

The Indian Constitution also has a section on "duties of its citizens" - applicable to all citizens. Too bad it cannot be enforced. Also, there is a common set of laws for driving and for most daily activities.

Your argument about the separation of church and state is hypocritical - if you would like the separation of the temples from the state governments, campaign for it, change the law. Why would you and the author of this blog argue for bringing all other religious institutions to be managed by the government which is just bringing the state and church closer? Must be the crackling efficiency and service we get...

Anonymous said...

hey hey ..

1) no xian can be on the board of the guruvayoor temple ..

2) exploring the arguments further, xians shoudl work only in xian institutes .. and hindus in hindu institutes .. this is called relegious fantisim ..

3) the extract from kerala kaumadi appeared only in kerala kaumudi ..
i wonder why ??

4) rajeev seems bent on creating a drift between the hindus and xians of kerala .. why so sir ? we live in peace in kerala .. why dont you leave us alone ??

Anonymous said...

1) point is good
2) Only a pathetic bishop thinks so
3) Kaumudi reports facts unlike yellow journals like Manorama,Mangalam,Deshabhimani. Manorama, The week should be banned. Recently the NSA, MK Narayanan mentioned about the ISI links of NDF/CPM. How many reported?
4) In a Manorama-Chandrika (kerala dailies) world, which will never report the Wayanad, Idukki forest loot at the expense of tribals..yea Keral is peaceful. If tehre is any natural reaction by locals on missionary terrorists, blam it on BJP/RSS. Recently a Thiruvananthapuram church's altar was partly burned by a Catholic terrorist, but manorama blamed Hindu orgns. till the cops caught the culprit after 7 months!!

san said...

Anonymouse, I am asking you for real-world examples as models for what you have said. You evaded and didn't provide examples. I have pointed out that the US and UK are successful real-world examples of Uniform Civil Code. Instead of acknowledging the reality of the examples I have cited, you then ask why can India forge its own path -- you mean YOUR own path, because any Indian who doesn't follow the path YOU are demanding will automatically be labelled by you as communal. So really, this isn't an Indian path you're advocating, this is a path advocated by fringe-dwellers like yourself. Nextly, why would you suggest India fabricate some unproven path, when there are proven examples of successful legal systems, such as in the US and UK where UCC has always been there? Do you see people worldwide flocking to immigrate to India? No. To the US & UK? Obviously. So how can you credibly claim some unproven path contrived to your fantasies, as compared to real world examples of success. Your claims clearly lack credibility without real-world examples to back them up under examination.

san said...

As for Uniform Civil Code not having been articulated, I would ask you if the solution isn't to articulate it then? In established democracies -- ones having CREDIBILITY (as contrasted with your own unproven and unknown credibility) -- Uniform Civil Code is considered a basic bedrock of the society. Separation of Church and State is not considered a small thing in the democratic world, in contrast to your own pooh-poohing of it. Please convince me or explain to me -- why would I give your flawed arguments credibility over the democratic developed world? Again, what is this "Indian Path" you keep talking about? It sounds like a pretext for ignoring and discarding sound historically proven legal systems.

san said...

Anonymouse, what is the criteria for forming one's own separate religious body of legal governance? How large does one's religion have to be, and how old does it have to be? By the standard you are setting, why can't I or anyone declare my own religion with any arbitrary set of rules I choose, and demand recognition of my religious laws? Once as a student I was working as a customer service person handling billing issues. I was once dealing with a fellow who had not paid his bills in a long time, and so his billing was being charged interest. He refused to pay the interest by claiming that "paying interest is against my religion". (I don't have to mention which religion he very obviously was.) I told him if paying interest was against his religion, then he should have paid his bills on time. I refused to remove the interest and told him his account was being forwarded to the Credit Bureau, which I then did. Hey fine, if you want to make up any arbitrary standards to live by -- I don't care if you're citing some practice originating from 1000 years ago -- then you're going to have to bear the consequences. People should be held to RATIONAL standards of conduct, and not mere RELIGIOUS standards of conduct. If you don't pay your bills, let's see what happens when you later try to apply for a mortgage or bank loan. The banks won't care how many letters you bring in from your holy man.

Anonymous said...

annual Staticstics report prepared by the Revenue and Endowment Board of Andhra Pradesh which maintains the Statistics and Accounts of Religious instituions in Andhra Pradesh. The Document can be easily procured by paying a minimum fee at the Endowment Board in Hyderabad. Please Read the following.
Existing No. of Temples, Mosques and Churches in as on 31st March 2005.
District Temples Churches mosques
Adilabad 12,346 3,347 18,482
Ananthpur 14,008 4,892 9,328
Chittor 26,120 9,098 12,320
Cuddpah 22,982 7,241 14,223
Godavari 8,220 12,123 9,230
Guntur 9,302 16,388 5,429
Hyderabad 13,144 3,204 15,203
Kakinada 7,203 8,585 5,274
Karimnagar 4,129 1,648 9,714
Khammam 5,210 7,203 5,922
Krishna 8,929 8,462 3,769
Kurnool 6,549 5,203 9,293
Machlipatnam 5,000(appx) 8,320 6,493
Mahboobnagar 3,299 3,128 7,235
Medak 6,302 3,203 3,234
Nellore 7,993 6,782 7,323
Nalgonda 6,882 2,412 5,239
Nizamabad 4,638 3,203 9,366
Prakasham 4,255 5,583 4,932
Srikakulam 7,339 9,879 2,140
Warangal 1,393 6,320 1,342
West Godavari 3,293 5,464 2,765
Vishakapatnam 6,430 3,203 4,203
Vizianagaram 3,891 3,100 3,500

we need to get this for Kerala where the X-ian Taliban is stronger

san said...

Anonymouse, your slanted reply points out that there are multiple centres of power within the Indian democracy, but sidesteps the issue of having multiple centres of power within the Indian *judiciary*. Of course there are multiple centres of power within not just the Indian democracy, but every democracy -- including those which practice UCC. These multiple centres are derived from the principle of "checks and balances" which was pioneered by the same developed democracies whose UCC and separation of church and state you condemn. These checks and balances are derived from rational considerations and not cryptic and dogmatic commandments from God which you seek to constitutionally sanctify. You can't just blindly substitute faith for rational processes. Further, if UCC in Christian-majority countries hasn't been made into Uniform Christian Code, then why do you single out Hindu-majority India for particular paranoia on imposition of Hindu Civil Code? Why do you not give them the same level of trust?

Anonymous said...

YSR Is not a convert. Yes one of his grandfathers or a greatgrand father must have converted to chirstianity but that does not make him a 'convert'.

He was born christian and is christian. So the question of a convert proving loyatly does not arise.

also please get off the chip off your shoulder, he was democratically elected by a large number of HINDUS... why this bile? if he is doing anything wrong, he will get voted out in the next election

Nauzer Engineer said...

Yeah mouse, YSR ain't a convert. And it serves those "large number of HINDUS" for voting a Naxal sympathizer to office. Kudos to people like Rajeev to highlight such issues which is often swept under the rug by those atheist-communist plants in the media.

BTW, where's that YSR's govt proposal to extend the reservation quotas for Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Guys YSR is a Christian even had a portrait of Mary in his office. First time a Jesus photo in AP CM's office. Till now it was Lord Balaji who was in the office... Also we AP guys didnt elect a Christian to be our CM we elected the Congress and the Italian Christian bitch in the center was only appointing Xian's as CM's...

Why dont YSR change his name to Jesus Prasad then see if can be a CM and see if people of Andhra would vote for Congress again..

Anonymous said...

All of you appear to be right and all of you are wrong. The only way to look at the whole vexed issue is that we have too much of time to worry about all this and hence too little time to actually DO something for the Downtrodden.

Make millions and give away selectively to the organisations of your choice, who's stopping you??????? But 'coz you have to work to make millions you have the softer option of picking on others and seeking company in MISERY. Remember MISERY seeks company and NOT Success!!!!!!!!

GOD bless this world I don't care whether it's Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or any other GOD who blesses us. I am happy as long as someone is having his blessing hand.


Anonymous 99

san said...

Socialism certainly hasn't done anything for the downtrodden, except kept them wallowing in misery and paranoia against progress. As for making millions, I'm comfortable and happy, not miserable. If I were to lose what I have, I'd have the work ethic to start over again to make more. My point is that even the downtrodden have a responsibility, to themselves and the wider society they affect, to make basic efforts for self-improvement. Anyone who sits around waiting for a messiah to arrive to uplift them and make their dreams come true, is dreaming in technicolour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.anonymous,

Do u want to know more.Andhra CM is a converted christian and a well known Rogue.He has even invited missionaries to India to do convert hindus to christianity and he earns Dollars for each.

A new oppurtunity to make money

Anonymous said...

All of you bunch of vermins in filth,talking filth about filth...
Education, affluence, intelligence, nothing will change vermins to a higher plane... that's the truth...
Truth always triumphs...
Vermins rest in the cesspool of history... no matter Hindu, Christian, Moslem or the ones who learnt the Art of Living from the techno-gurus!

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