Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gujarat riot toll: UPA government's figures--254 Hindus, 790 Muslims

may 11th

this: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims, is what cedric prakash and the british guy robert young have inflated to 2000 muslim dead: 'truth by repeated assertion'.

proof? why, cedric prakash is an honorable man, entrusted by the vatican with conversion activites and lots of money for it, so what he says must by definition be true.

and the british of course, such honorable people, them lying about anything, for instance the $10 trillion they 'borrowed' from india? i am shocked, shocked at the very suggestion!

the indian muslim council usa said it was 5000 muslim dead. proof? of course there is no proof, it must be true because they said it.

here is the oh-so-secular upa govt giving the lie to these fantastic figures.

the hindus died either in police firing or in muslim attacks, and some of both hindus and muslims were policemen. so it's not as though peaceful, innocent muslims were being butchered, or that the government/police did nothing.

and all this is over and above the 59 hindus burned alive by muslims at godhra.

and another question someone asked recently: why is all the fuss only about modi protecting or not protecting muslims? what about modi not protecting the hindus in the train? or is it the case that only the protection of muslims is the job of the government? this must be that famous 'secularism' in action.


Ravi Krishna said...

I think some folks are dyslexic enuf to misread the year of riot (2002) as the
number of victims :-)

Raghu said...

This is what Mr. Modi was saying all along. But who would listen? Teesta Setalvad would be happy that less Muslims have died, but at the same time she would be unhappy because she has lesser number to beat Modi with.

san said...

I hear that Google is starting a Video Blog. I think that would be a useful way to combat left-wing fabrications. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more. I think that video blogs would be very potent in rapidly deflating fake propaganda bubbles started by left-wing groups ("pilgrims provoked bystanders into torching their bus", "casualties in terrorist raid were due to panicky police firing", "hindus killed were rowdy fanatics looking for a fight", "police purely targetted Muslim protesters", etc). Nothing refutes an ugly lie like vivid evidence to the contrary. Seeing is believing, after all.

Non-leftist Indians have an advantage in that most NRIs are essentially refugees from socialist persecution, and NRIs tend to have a greater resource and technical skill advantages over the barely-literate marxist crowd. Video blogging could be a way to sharpen our edge.

So get out those cellphone cameras, everyone! ;)

Anonymous said...

to the hindu deathtoll, add the following: godhra, akshardham and the bombay blasts of 2003.

san said...

Let me further add there were follow-on attacks against Hindus in the aftermath of Gujarat riots. There was a terrorist attack against a large Hindu Mandir where worshippers and even a NSG commando was killed. That should be counted in the Hindu death toll because it was related. I didn't hear about any similar follow-up communal attacks by Hindus against Muslims.

Ashish Gupta said...

Hey Rajeev,

Great Blog! Nice to listen to someone championing Hindu cause without being fundamentalists. Its high time we understand how all minorities and minority-appeasing-govt is milking India of its true secularism.