Thursday, May 26, 2005

from wired: either very mad or very visionary

may 26th
unlimited energy and unlimited fresh water?
sanman, the answer to your worries about energy? btw, i had written about rusi taleyarkhan (iit madras guy, not iit bombay) and sonofusion some time ago in a column.


N.S said...

Rusi Taleyarkhan's Sonofusion work has also been featured in this month's IEEE Spectrum.
According to the article, while the concept seems to be relatively simple, the implementation is very difficult. More importantly, a large scale self-sustained Sonofusion process is still being worked on, and it can take years if not decades to build a self-sustained Sonofusion setup in a lab.
But atleast there is some hope, and alternative to fossil fuels, and nuclear fission...

san said...

Rajeev, the city of Toronto has a few months ago introduced just such a system. It's a pipe network that sucks cold water from the bottom of Lake Ontario and pipes it to cool buildings in the city. It uses the same thermal siphon approach. Alec Bladwin, one of the environmentally conscious Hollywood gliterati showed up to inaugurate it.