Thursday, May 19, 2005

obituary: rainbow warrior bob hunter of greenpeace

May 19th
courtesy the economist magazine, bob hunter, founder of greenpeace, died on may 2nd, aged 63.
he was inspired by a book 'rainbow warrior', about native american mystics who return to heal the world when it is sick.
and of course, the famous boat(s) of the same name, the flagships of the greenpeace fleet. one, i remember, was sunk by the french it when it was about to sail to protest their nuclear testing in the south pacific.
what a great name! a toast from a shadow warrior to a rainbow warrior; both of us celebrate the indigenous, the native, the autochthonic.
i was a registered green party member in california for several years. yes, i repeat that the New Left, the tree-hugging, whale-saving, earth-loving, feminist vegetarian types have a lot in common with the Hindu Right. the common foes are the destructive semitic ideologies of untrammeled greed.


san said...

I would watch Bob Hunter every morning on Toronto's CityTV, as he would invite cameras into his den to watch him in his pyjamas reading the morning paper, giving commentaries on the headlines he skimmed. I always wondered why any self-respecting guy would appear on the air only wearing his pyjamas all the time. I guess it's because he was too sick to do more conventional broadcasts.

Anyhow, I think that Hindus should make common cause with other 'pagan' tribal pre-monotheistic cultural groups, in order to elevate their perspective which is derided by the monotheists as backward and primitive. Hindu and similar cultures have a perspective which is more in touch with Nature, without casting it as alien from Man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rajiv,
I read ur article--Children of a lesser God, partially and u mentioned the movie--'Once were warriors' about the Maoris of New Zealand. I m gonna get it from the public library and watch it. On the same note, I was wondering if u have seen 'Rabbit Proof Fence' about the 'lost generation' of aborigines of Australia. If u haven't, I would strongly reccommend it. One is just left wondering what kind of compassionate and humane these missionaries are who do the God's (or is it the Devil's) work and rob natives of their culture, identity and values in garb of making them 'civilized'.

san said...

Here's an interesting article on Wind Power:,2782,67600,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_6

China is said to have a lot of potential for wind power, but I wonder how India does?

Sameer said...

Yes, even I feel the same.
the liberal Americans are more like True Indians, they stand for all Hindu values although not in Hindu way but we find many commonalities, unlike their conservative bible thumping ones who we find are similar to our so called 'secular' people.