Sunday, May 01, 2005

'economist' still bullish on china

may 1
since i tend to be a china-sceptic, i find it useful to periodically look at the conventional wisdom that china is going to take over the world. here is the 'voice of NATO' remaining a bull (in the china shop -- pun intended)

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san said...

Here's an article by Fareed Zakaria on the rise of China:

It certainly presents PRC as quite a giant juggernaut. Here's another from Rediff:

I never knew China was providing Bangladesh with missile tech. Who is Bangla going to use missiles against? Burma probably has a stronger army, being that it's a police state a la Pakistan. I don't think India could possibly fear Bangladeshi missiles, because at worst they'll have Scud-type warheads. Besides, they'd only hit Marxist West-Bengal, LOL.

I can see it now -- the marxists in Calcutta would be staging protest rallies to denounce the central govt for not providing anti-missile protection, while at the same time offering concessions to Dhaka to retain support from the vote bank!