Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Canadian paper on Kanchi Acharya

May 10th

for a change, a western medium provides the true picture. kudos to the hindu canadian forum.


blackpanther said...

i also appreciate the way the hindu canadian forum sent a warning letter to outlook about articles written by s anand on this issue. as far as i remember, this is the first time i have seen any hindu organization stand up strongly for hindu cause.

vshan said...

I hope you followed the recent by-elections in Kanchipuram. The hindu party that tried to make the seer's arrest as its election plank got 400-odd votes while Jaya's candidate won hands down against a packed opposition (7 part league).

Now - Karunanidhi may blame the AIADMK's muscle power but that to me is zilch. There were no reports of rigging or other malpractices and the elections went off quite fair. The results are for all to see.

This is the truth - the people Kanchipuram themselves dont care about the mutt. They dont believe that the mutt really does any good work except for a few highly connected brahmins who could hoard the money in the trust. For the others, they were probably as bad as other politicians. The people of this temple town have supported the dravidian party against the Hindu seer. I think that should put all questions on the arrest to rest. Obviously the people who live there may know more about the Sankararaman murder case as well as about activities within the mutt. There cannot be smoke without fire nearby.

The media may go overboard in projecting Jaya as a villain in this particular case. The Hindu groups (including the saffron parties) may cry hoarse. But the ultimate verdict was that of the people who voted enmasse to the AIADMK.