Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Declassified: Tricky Dick's tilt towards Pak in 1971

May 10th

freedom of information act in action i suppose. this recently declassified set of papers shows the decisive tilt towards pakistan by war criminal duo nixon/kissinger in 1971. they loved pak as the conduit to china then.

there is a fine irony in the same americans now coming to india to be a counterweight to the chinese they thus propped up. if india were any good at this sort of thing, it would play the americans and chinese off against each other, wresting concessions from both but never really allying with either. make fine noises about friendship and cooperation, appear to tilt to one and then the other, but never commit to one. pursue self-interest single-mindedly.

now that is the ideal situation.

unfortunately in real life, there are plenty of fifth columnists for america in india, fattened by pat-robertson-type fundamentalist christian money. some of them rule certain states in india and will do anything for their gods and their demi-gods the americans.

similarly there are plenty of fifth columnists for china in india, fattened by chinese money. some of them rule certain states in india and will sell india down the river without a second thoughts. they also will (and in many cases have) sell their wives, daughters and sisters as well.

this is a problem.

not to speak of fifth columnists for saudi arabia and pakistan in india, fattened by petrodollars.

if i were a pessimist, i'd conclude india is in deep doo-doo.


Kiran said...

You shouldnt miss the recent Washington Times cartoon that pakistan is so fussy about..


Now pakistan is nagging more with Uncle Sam.. well does it need to be reminded of its status quo

san said...

Here is an excellent article on India's new strategy:


Tilt or no tilt, India has to learn how to deal with Pakistan's antics by taking things in hand more directly, rather than fuming impotently. Any analysis or comments by you all?

san said...

Here's another article on the new doctrine and why it makes sense: