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Tirupathi loot

may 26th
from reader ram. 'secularism' in action.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: May 23, 2005 2:31 PM
Subject: Tirupathi loot

[Rajeev, I got this forwarded message. The same thing would be happening in Kerala Devaswoms too]
Dear President,

I am pained to write this. I find no option. Because I
am hurt at the way the Mandirs are silently being
stripped by christist Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy garu,
CM of AP and no body seems to care. I request your
immediate intervention and render justice to the
Hindus and Hindu institutions.

S V Badri

This was mailed to the following:

1. President of India – Shri A P J Abdul Kalam -
2. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh – Sri Y Samuel
Rajasekhara Reddy-,

3. Endowment Minister of Andhra Pradesh- Sri M

Read my special request to the Hindus and Hindu
institutions/ organizations all over the world and
shoot your protests to the above three gentlemen. Our
institutions are seriously getting eroded. If you care
to have your great-grand child see them remain as
Hindu institutions, show your concern. NOW.


Religious money

Give me an honest answer. You visit Bhagawan Tirupati
Venkateshwara's Mandir (Balaji Mandir) or any Mandir
in Andhra Pradesh .You have the devotion to make a
monetary offering into the Hundi. You feel it is your
private equation with the Bhagawan. You fulfil your
Prarthana as you make a humble drop into to the Hundi.
Some of you have saved this money painfully over years
and in several cases enduring pangs of hunger to make
this offering. That is the extent of your devotion.

Secular money

Are you aware that till the last nano-second that the
money or the offering was in your hands, it was
"religious money"  because  your Bhakti veils your
eyes as you think that this money that is offered will
be sacredly used by the A P Government for Hindu
religious purposes like maintainence of the Mandir,
its' development and for propagation of Hindu
religious causes, payment of salaries of Archakas or
for the regular conduct of Pujas and rituals as per
the Aagamas and Sastras. You assume this is what the
AP Government is doing with your offering, because
this is a Hindu Mandir and you are a devout Hindu
offering the money out of total surrender to the
Bhagawan. You are painfully ignorant what happens to
this money once it gets into the Hundi. You just
assume that it is being used for a Hindu cause.
Perhaps you are one of those who just does not care
because your job is done and it is up to the Mandirs
to use it as they deemed fit. Yes Mandirs will use it
as they deem fit if they are out of Government
control. So if you think that your money is used only
for Hindu purposes, banish the thought.

Because, the moment the money slips into the Hundi,
the Government "converts" it into "secular money".

How can you explain why Mandir funds alone should be
the target of the Government to draw as they please
for other than Hindu religious purposes?

Money down the drain

Take for instance, the recent decision of the
Government and the Government sponsored TTD Board to
spend the Bhakta's "religious money" for "secular"
purpose of constructing the underground drainage.

Tell me if it is the duty of the Government to provide
the drainage or the duty of the Mandir? So your money
finds its way down the drain.

Or its diversion to the Veterinary College
development, not connected to the religious
institution? Whose responsibility is this, the
Government's or the Mandir's?

Will Lallu give Railway lands for mandir

The AP Government through the TUDA (Tirupati Urban
Development Authority) demanded from the TTD a sum of
Rs 6 crores towards property and other taxes so it
could have the money required to construct a Idgah
Maidan on the Railway lands abetting the Bhagawan's
lands. Obviously, because it is Idgah Maidan, secular
Lallu did  not object. And the secularists rushed to
facilitate its completion. What if a Hindu wanted to
construct a Mandir on the Railway lands? Will the same
secularists come forward with such glee? Remember,
Lallu ordered removal of Mandirs on Railway lands?

Christist YSR unhappy with his Endowment Minister

I am told that the money was stopped in the last
minute after strong protests and the intervention of
the Endowment Minister, M Satyanarayana, who as I
understand, is fighting a losing battle against the
christist YSR. Well placed sources indicate that this
minister is likely to lose his berth unless he
"converts" himself from being a good Hindu to being a
"adorable-secularist" as the christist YSR wants him
to be. Meaning, YSR does not want the Minister to
raise objections to the usage of Mandir funds for
Monotheistic religious purposes. Knowledgeable circles
in AP confided with me that the christist YSR takes
joy in making the officials of the Endowment
Department to over-rule the Minister and to ridicule
him at every opportunity. People who were present
during the "Ugadi Puraskarams" functions this year are
witness to how the Endowment Minister was humiliated
and made most uncomfortable by the christist YSR.  In
Bhadrachalam, where 12 acres of lands belonging to the
Sri Rama Mandiram was given away to a christist
organisation (apparently for the construction of a
school there), who ended up constructing a church for
converting the local tribals. The Minister was
apparently unhappy with this and was denied the
protocol honours during his recent visit for Sri Rama
Navami celebrations.

Money for Idgah maidan- Yes; Money for Mandir
renovation - No

YSR found Rs 6 crores for the construction of the
Idgah Maidan in the Holy Town of Tirupati . But can
find no money when 10,000 Mandirs languish for funds
in the very backward areas of his State. He will not
give them Mandirs. As a true christist he wants them
to remain a fertile ground for the breed of new phoren
evangelicals to arrive and harvest.

Plant a church. Plant 50. Plant 100. Plant a

YSR's folks in the Adventists will give them churches
instead. Plant a church. Plant hundred. Plant a
thousand. After all, did he not ask the Adventists to
make a church on his farm land for the benefit of 300
converts? How can a Hindu trust this man who is more
evangelical in his mission than the Pope Benedict
XVII? And the worst, he does it masquerading as a
Hindu. Many would not even know that he is a
convert/born again christist.

Render the ground fertile. So the phirangis come to

With Mandirs and Mandir activity rendered
systematically extinct in backward areas, it is no
wonder that our Dalit and backward Hindu brethern find
themself spiritually bankrupt. Because christists like
YSR want them to be spiritually bankrupt so the
missionaries can come and take over their souls with
their brand of hatred of Hindu practices and Gods
disguised as love and social service. YSR is silently
making room for the  imported evangilicals to usurp
the  dalits and the backwards so they can bear the
cross for the rest of their lives. And he can bank on
their votes at the call of a Samuel. Shame.

Are Hindus incompetent to run their institutional

The recent decision to facilitate christian
infiltration into the TTD affairs through the Ugranam
material deal with the firm owned by a Syiran
Christian of Kerala and the tele-medical facility deal
he inaugurated, between SVIMS (Sri Venkateswara
Institute of Medical Sciences) and the christist
institutions like the Frontline / Madras Medical
Mission combo of Dr Cherian should also make the
secularits proud. Because for the likes of christist
YSR, Mandirs are for mad people while the creative
ones rush to the church. How can Hindus expect him to
be sensitive to their issues? Tomorrow, he will have
christian auditors, christian administrators or even
christian parishioners doing Yesu Sahasranama to
Bhagawan Venkateshwara. Who knows what my grand child
has to witness in this sacred Mandir years from now?

Mandir money for "secular sexual" use

A P Government had recently decided to construct guest
houses and rest rooms on various highways using the
TTD money. Bhagawan's money will be put to some
"secular sexual use"  to create rendezvous for the
benefit of some unscrouplous ministers and bureaucrats
to sleep with the concubines.

Where is Hindu religious cause here? Why should one
permit the TTD to become the Government appointed
nodal agency to appease minorities or to undertake
projects other than the Hindu Dharmic ones?

Page 3 Chairman and the christist broker

Both The flamboyant Page 3 personality and TTD
Chairman, T Subbirami Reddy (Cong-I) and the christist
YSR Government owe an explanation to the Bhaktas of
Bhagawan Venkateshwara for betraying our trust. Join
me in my prayers to the Kaliyuga Nayaka, Sri
Venkateshwara (Bhagawan Balaji) to render the most
severe punishment on each one of these starting from
christist YSR down to the last peon who is involved in
this systematic assault, rape, plunder and loot of His
Mandir and its possessions.

Lessons from christist YSR  Government on How to ruin
a prosperous Mandir:

Let us now examine the orderly way the christist YSR
government acts to make all our Hindu Mandirs go
bankrupt. Before one starts reading this, it should be
stored in our minds that the Government has taken over
the Hindu Mandirs as a Trustee. It has no right of
ownership. And you will come to the conclusion that
this A P Government is worse than the Britishers when
it comes to inflicting damage on our Hindu
institutions and the Hindus as a whole.

There are 370,000 acres of Mandir lands in AP. Of
this, the Endowment Department does not even have
records of lands to the extent of 100,000 acres. Does
this surprise you? The Hindu Religious Endowment
Department is infiltrated by christian administrators
in the guise of Hindus.

So we have a trustee who does not even have proper
accounting system. What should you do to him? What
would you do if your accountant failed you? Trash him?
Throw him out? And what are we doing to these trustees
who have betrayed our trust.

A Ministry that does not have annual budgetary

You might be surprised to learn that the AP Hindu
Religious Endowment Department is the only department
in AP which does not get a single Rupee as the Annual
Budgetary allocation from the A P Government.  So this
Deparment has no Governmental source of funding.  Then
how does this department manage to run its blasting
path of systematic destruction of our Mandirs? How
does it manage the vast empire of unwanted elements in
the garb of employees?

Simple. In addition to having all the Mandir resources
at its control, It collects 15% of total revenues from
Larger Mandirs like the Tirupati Mandir and 12% from
smaller Mandirs. In addition, it collects 3% uniformly
from all the Mandirs towards what it has called as
"common-good-fund". Anything that starts with the word
Common is just plain bullshit. You saw that in the
Common Minimum Programme, too. Didn't you? Now, the
Government, in addition to dipping its hands into the
Hundi collections can just can dip into this common-
good -fund also for any activity of its choice –
depending on if the CM was a christist or a muslim or
a commie or an athiest or just an anti-national bloke
who wants to cremate Hindu institutions and scatter
its ashes across the Vatican or the Mecca like the
Ghazni did of the Dwaraka's Murti of Bhagawan Krishna.

Check the AP government Website and show me the
Endowment Department there:

It might surprise you that the Endownment Department
is not featured in the Official website of the
Government of AP while even the minority welfare has a
link presented in the website. So our Trustee is very
secretive. Wants to hide from the public glare. And
least credible because he shuns the public domain.
What is it afraid of?

Known christists – unknown christists

Take a look at the number of known christists who
ruled the State since its formation:

1. Kasu Brahmhananda Reddy
2. N.Janardhana Reddy
3. Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy

Add to these three christians, sympathisers of the
variety of Chandra Babu Naidu, whose regime saw the
State-sponsored and facilitated upshoot of the
towering statues of Mother Teresa competing with
Ambedkar in every nook and corner of AP. There are
also strong rumours doing rounds that Chandra Babu's
wife, Bhuvaneshwari (daughter of the Late NTR)
practices christianity secretly and is in touch with
the seventh day adventist missionary. Readers should
also know that it is believed in certain circles that
Chandrababu Naidu has interests in an abattoir with
Saudi links that slaughters countless cows for export
of beef. If this is true I am not amazed why he was
the first to take the flight to meet Vajpayee and
"strongly" demand the dropping of  the very idea of a
Prevention of Cow slaughter Bill, when BJP was Hindu
enough in its early days of governance.

Sanction for the repairs – Hindus get into debt trap

Days before Chandra babu Naidu of TDP lost his
elections, he sanctioned Rs. 75 crores towards repairs
and restoration of some Mandirs in AP. The Endowment
Department had no funds. The Government undertook the
work. And in many cases, the presiding deities were
dragged out into the open under the pretext of
renovation and left to fend for themselves, the
vagaries of Nature. In some Mandirs local bhaktas
formed groups to facilitate renovations. Such bills
ran up to Rs 48 crores. And the Government made just a
token re-imbursement, thus putiing various Hindu
Bhaktas into a debt trap. The Government still owes
this money.

Now, where does it decide to look for the money?

The Government has already started plundering the
Tirupati Balaji's wealth. Now, it wants to be seen as
being fair to Him. It does not want people to perceive
it as being selective in its destruction. So tells the
world that Tirupati Balaji was not willing to give
money for these projects so they have to scout for
another Mandir, to satiate their rapacious appetite
for systematic destruction of Hindu institutions. I
would like to call this as: The Secular chain reaction
to the deliberate distribution of destruction.

Simhachalam Narasimha Swamy – A P Government's new
target of plunder:

The Government has now set its eyes on Simhachalam. On
Simhadri Narasimha Swami. And His thousands of acres
of lands. These lands are in the Vizag district of
Andhra Pradesh. About 1500 to 2000 acres of these
lands are under illegal occupation. In most cases, it
is simply not traceable as to who sold these lands and
to whom, the registration has long since been done,
with the connivance of various ministers and
officials. Thousands of houses and bungalows have come
up on these illegally occupied lands. The current
occupants claim that they have been in the "enjoyment"
of these lands for the past 10 to 15 years and if the
Government comes forward to "regularize" the land
transaction and decide on the price, they are willing
to pay. Now, even squatters make the rules.

Can you give a honest figure, YSR?

Will the Government dare reveal how many practitioners
of other than Hindu faith who constitute these large
number of illegal occupants? Or publish the number of
churches / mosques that have come up on these Mandir
lands? In 1842 , in the whole of Madras presidency,
the number of churches were 847 and of Roman Catholic
denomination. A current estimate says that there are a
million churches in the same region. Where did this
growth and the money for such a growth come from? In
just 100 plus years.

A new Committee is born in the barn. Some have seen
stars and dollar signs

A few years ago a committee was formed for the express
purpose of "regularizing" these illegal occupations of
the lands belonging to Simhadri Narasimha Swami
Mandir. The committee lied low, perhaps taking time to
make  its own deals by virtue of being given the
oppurtunity to officially deal with the squatters.
Now, the christist YSR Government has formed a new
Committee comprising of a few MLAs and officials to
look into this matter of "regularizing" the land in
favour of the illegal occupants. This committee is
expected to submit its report shortly, highlighting
its observations and recommendations. The price per
Square Yard is under consideration. The lands where
there are no constructions will be sold "as is where
is". They expect a inflow of Rs. 125 crores. Of this,
Rs. 48 crores will be disbursed towards works already
committed and in progress. The rest will be used for
the requirements and running of the A P Endowment
Department. This is as far as the 2000 acres of the
Simhadri Mandir lands, now concluded as in illegal
occupation by squatters, of whichever faith and
denomination they belong to.

Government decides to sell Over 100,000 acres of
Mandir lands in AP

In addition to the lands belonging to the Mandir of
Simhachalam Sri Narasimha Swamy, the Endowment
Department has decided to sell 100,000 acres of lands
belonging to various Mandirs in AP and which are
either under dispute or have been illegally occupied
by all and sundry. The Government has decided that a
committee comprising of all the MLAs will be
constituted for this purpose. This committee is
enpowered to decide the price. There are 370,000 acres
of Mandir lands under the control of the Endowment
Department. Of this, the department has no records for
Mandir lands to the extent of 100,000 acres. Of the
rest of 270,000 acres, thousands of acres are under
illegal occupation.

Who gives this christist Government  the right to sell
the Mandir lands?

Why should the Hindu Samaj remain indifferent and
inactive to such naked aggression and rape of our
revered institutions by a christist? The kings of
yesteryears were the Trustees of our Mandirs in their
time. They were only keen to add to the Mandir assets
with each passing year. The current day kings, and the
born-again christist kings like YSR, seem to deem it
their duty to the church as they systematically strip
us to the last fibre and parade us as pagans.

Take a look hard look at few of these facts:

1. 10,000 Mandirs in AP alone are in the worst
possible state. There is no money for lighting a
single lamp each day. Nor is Nivedyam presented to the
Presiding Deity each day. In many Mandirs there is no
money to pay for the salaries of the staff and the


2. The church is the largest real-estate owner in the
country, next only to the Government and no single
Government dares to bring this under its control. Nor
can it ever dream of using the church lands for social
justice measures like giving it away to dalits or the
naxals or to Hindu religion for constructing Mandirs
or the much needed Hindu schools/ Patashalas, Informed
sources say that the naxal distribution of Mandir
lands in AP is happening with the very blessings of
the christist YSR. After all when it comes to Hindus,
the Government which is just a "trustee" will suddenly
assume "ownership" of these lands while bartering it
for vote-bank politics and for appeasement of

3. Let us assume that I form a Trust and do what the
AP Government is doing today as a Trustee. I would be
instantly prosecuted and hauled in for fraudulent
activity, betrayal of trust and would be ordered to
dismantle it, under the law of the land.

It is evident that The A P  Government seems to
conclude that it is above the Trust laws. It can do
what it pleases when it comes to destroying Hindu
institutions. And the trust that the Hindu Bhaktas
impose on it to take care of its Mandirs be damned.

Can you expect YSR to be sympathetic to Hindu causes?

How can you expect this christist YSR to be
sympathetic to Hindu causes, its institutions and the
sentiments of its Bhaktas? It is a shame that the TTD
should allow him into the Hindu Mandir of Tirupati
without asking him to sign the mandatory declaration
of his allegiance to the Bhagawan. Worse still, he is
allowed to come alone and not escorted by his wife as
a Grihasta should do, when he visits the Mandir to
give the Vastram to the Bhagawan during the
Brahmhotsavam. I am told that she is a devout
christian and does not want perhaps to put up an act
like her husband, who is bound political and monetary
compulsions to deceive poor Hindus. I may be wrong on
this but I have not seen her with him during such
visits to the Balaji Mandir.

Hindus should understand that this AP Govenment is
headed by a rabid christian who cohabits with the
virulent adventists silently promoting baptisms by the
thousands in his State.

Sri Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy, Chief Minister of
Andhra Pradesh:

Office Address:
Residence Address:   8-2-269/S/98, Sagar Society, Rd#2,
BanjaraHills, Hyderabad
Constituency Address: D.NO.8-186, RAJAREDDY STREET,
Office Phone:   040-23455698, 23455205, 23452933
Residence Phone:    040-23608010, 23546195, 23545504,
23379133, 23379449
(Cell): 9848933333
FAX:            040-23454828
EMail : ,


Sri M Satyanarayana Rao, Minister for Endowments,
Government of Andhra Pradesh:

Office Address:      Block-J, Floor-8, Room-811,
Secretariat, Hyderabad, AP.
Residence Address:  Building No.9, (MB), Kundanbagh,
Constituency Address:   H.NO.2-8-125, MUKURRAMPURA,
Office Phone:   040-23457113, 23453425
Residence Phone:    040-23414614
(Cell): 9849029008, 9848782024
EMail :

And mark a copy to me to either:

Please circulate this to as many and urge them to
respond to these two ignoble men so they get to know
that Hindus are outraged with their betrayal of our
trust as Trustees of our Mandir affairs.

S V Badri


san said...

Wow, that was a really long article you posted there. Was a little hard to understand it. Anyway, here's something I found on MSN's Slate while surfing around:

The Monkey God's Army

Do you think that this was meant as some sort of mocking caricature portrayal of those people? Sounds like Slate is screaming "Brown Peril"

san said...

Here's another stellar pronouncement emanating from certain quarters in the US:

US 'think-tank' equates RSS with AlQaida/LeT/etc

Coming on the heels of visa denial to 'genocidal Modi', I find that US thinkers are only compounding one error upon another.

doubtinggaurav said...

First of all they will screw hindus. If you try to point out the injustice then our Secular intellectuals (Rajeev Sardesai, Vir Sanghavi, Pranab Roy) will ask "Where does it concern poverty"
etc. etc.
If they are so concerned why not government takes control of all mosques and churches also.

Ryan said...


May be it was intended to be satirical but failed to create the effect. After all, there's a lot of truth in whatever the RSS guy said which is impossible for some new york based writer to realise !

Anonymous said...

Mr Badri, The AP Government has been elected by its people. They have chosen YSR (a convert to minority) and his leader Sonia Gandhi (white skin, minority) to lead them in the 21 st century (pity the Andhraiites could not find a leader from the majority community). And if such "democratically eleceted leaders" indulge in ransacking Hindu identities it is with tacit approval of crores of Andhraiites. This is what happens when the polity votes from heart rather than brains. Your letter is not going to achieve anything great. So my advise is sit back seethe with anger for the next 5 years or take this episode as learning experience for the future generation. After all public memory is short and these facts are required to remind ourselves that secularism, foreign rule, communists are just anathema to India.

Anonymous said...

That Monkey God's Army article was an extremely demeaning one.

All the more reason I think India needs strong, massive channels of right-wing media.

But who would be up for the challenge?