Sunday, August 09, 2015

Swapan Dasgupta - Captain Morality

...there is a grave danger of transplanting the social culture of, say, San Francisco, into an India in transition. Some old values such as the attitudes to women in education and employment and cross-community marriages have changed dramatically but certain family values and notions of common decencies have proved far more enduring. Unsettling this delicate balance with an overdose of rootless libertarian implants necessarily invites social tensions and could even provoke a backlash.
Pornography is a cause not worthy of standing up for.
 "Overdose of rootless libertarian implants"? If I wanted a supercilious, technocratic, communist dictatorship I would have voted for Congress / AAP. This government had better focus on its mandate else next election even 40 seats will be difficult to manage.

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