Friday, August 14, 2015

Quick notes: IAF specs, Theology of rape...

  • How not to negotiate: France refuses to budge on IAF specifications for Rafale ... oops moment for national security team

  • Theology of Rape: "Sex-slavery supported by Quran".

  • Chabahar Port: Iran offers India control of the strategic port.

  • Carbs For Evolving Brains: Our bodies convert starch into glucose, the body’s fuel. The process begins as soon as we start chewing: Saliva contains an enzyme called amylase, which begins to break down starchy foods. Amylase doesn’t work all that well on raw starches, however; it is much more effective on cooked foods. Cooking makes the average potato about 20 times as digestible. 

  • Rosogolla origins: The tradition of offering Rosogolla at Lord Jagannath temple is at least 300 years old. The sweet-making process reached Bengal through Odia cooks, who had come in search of work.

  • Raag Mishra Kalingada:

  • Phoren Lobby:

  • Raise The Tricolor:

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